‘Jeopardy!’: Watch Sting of The Police Present Clues, Contestants Answer Trivia About Legend

by Will Shepard

Jeopardy! continues to bring out all of the stops for its fans. This time, the show is giving Sting an awesome platform to try and stump contestants with trivia questions.

Sting began his career as a solo act but found immediate success with a band called The Police. He was an integral part of the band for eight amazing years. The band was constantly churning out incredible songs, changing the music world for the better.

Now, though, he is helping Jeopardy! with its most recent show. During the episode, his life and music were one of the categories of questions. So, the show got Sting to provide clues for the contestants. Suffice to say, the result of his participation was awesome.

“Hi! I’m Sting and I’m excited to present clues on my life and my music.”

“Jeopardy!” Uses Sting as One of the Categories in a Recent Episode

Katie Couric is currently guest hosting for Jeopardy! right now and got the assistance of the legendary musician. Consequently, Sting provided some awesome entertainment during the episode. His videos would play, the contestants would watch and then answer the question.

As always, the questions progressively got harder. But, the first Sting Jeopardy! clue was quickly answered by one of the contestants after hearing it.

“In 2019, the music rights organization, BMI, honored this song I wrote for the most radio plays in its 14 million song catalog.” He winks and adds, “Remember, I’ll be watching you.”

There was nothing standing in the way of the contestants on the episode. Each clue that Sting was presenting to the contestants was answered correctly right away. Matt, who was trying to claw his way back into contention, got almost all of the Sting clues. So, hats off to him for knowing his Sting and The Police trivia.

Hopefully, in the future, there will be more appearances from Sting on Jeopardy! His presence on camera is undeniably good. Perhaps he could even guest host one of the episodes.