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‘Jeopardy!’: Watch Video Game-Themed Category Clues in July 12 Episode of Game Show

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

One of last night’s “Jeopardy!” categories was a “delight” for a specific type of contestant or fan: video gamers.

Named “Gamer’s Delight,” the category featured special clue reading appearances from YouTube star and avid gamer J.D. Witherspoon. Current guest host George Stephanopoulos turned the stage over to Witherspoon whenever a “Gamer’s Delight” clue came up. In addition to the gamer reading the clues, contestants watched a brief clip from the video game being referenced.

“I’m J.D. Witherspoon, with clues about the amazing world of gaming, past and present,” the YouTuber said via a prerecorded video.

Contestant Jaclyn Schuenzel grabbed the first “Gamer’s Delight” clue for $200 and immediately asked for the $400 clue. But returning champion Jen Jazwinski swooped up the answer before anyone else could buzz in. Contestant and eventual “Jeopardy!” champ Tim Moon asked for the $600 clue and correctly guessed the answer, while Jazwinski once again swooped in to grab the $800 clue. Moon finished off the category by getting the right answer to the $1000 question.

Most of the video game questions asked about specific characters or the name of different games. But the last question went a little deeper into the hardware of the latest PlayStation console.

“The PlayStation 5 is kitted with an ultra-high-speed SSD. This kind of hyphenated drive makes iconic characters like Sackboy really move,” Witherspoon read.

“What is a solid-state drive?” Moon answered.

‘Jeopardy!’ Appeals to Gamers Online

On their Twitter page, “Jeopardy!” asked gamers to check out the themed category and take a shot at the clues.

“Calling all gamers! This category, delivered by @jdwitherspoon, is a GAMER’S DELIGHT,” the official account tweeted, tagging both PlayStation and Sony.

One excited fan quote tweeted the post and captioned it, “THIS IS THE BEST THING TO WAKE UP TO- JUST CAN’T ****** BELIEVE IT, ASTRO, RATCHET AND CLANK AND SACKBOY IN JEOPARDY???? I MUST BE ******* DREAMING.”

Witherspoon also quote tweeted it, thanking the “Jeopardy!” crew for reaching out to him about coming on the show (virtually).

“Thank You for having me on such an amazing show. Definitely an honor to even be associated with such a legendary Franchise. Much love to the late Alex Trebek, and to the amazing crew who asked me to be a part of this. Hopefully I can come back again in the future,” Witherspoon wrote.

Even PlayStation jumped in on the fun, posting a video of the contestants answering questions on their official Twitter page. The game company said, “If you missed @Jeopardy tonight, here’s a speedrun.”

Some fans complained on PlayStation’s thread about the company using the game show for “advertising” purposes. One user said, “So… you’re just finding ways to sneak ‘advertising’ in the show other than during actual commercial segments. Sneaky sneaky.”

Another user responded to the one above and said, “Considering Sony owns the rights for Jeopardy pretty much lol.”

Sony Interactive Entertainment owns PlayStation and Sony Pictures Television owns the “Jeopardy!” franchise.