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‘Jeopardy!’: What Did Alex Trebek Do During Commercial Breaks?

by Atlanta Northcutt
(Photo by Ben Hider/Getty Images)

We all go and do something during commercial breaks. Personally, I go to the kitchen to get more snacks. You are sitting comfy in your own home doing whatever it is that you do while the obnoxious commercials run like white noise in the background.

However, did you ever think about what those on the show are doing while waiting for the break to be over? Probably not. What did the great Alex Trebek do during the quick break from the Jeopardy! cameras and spotlights.

What Happens During Commercial Breaks on ‘Jeopardy?’

If you were lucky enough to be sitting in the audience in the studio, you were able to interact with Trebek. He would turn his attention to the audience and begin asking those in attendance some fun, but still Jeopardy!-like questions. They were hard, yet not hard enough where you didn’t enjoy your time engaging with the kind, fun, and quick-witted long-time host Alex Trebek. I don’t see him being too hard on you if you didn’t answer the question correctly.

According to Buzzfeed, while he was having fun with the audience, Alex Trebek once expressed his desire to have one person take over his role as the host of the show if he was to stop.

Betty White: The New Host of ‘Jeopardy?’

He joking said he’d like Betty White to replace him as the host of Jeopardy!

I am totally here for Betty White taking over with all of her sassiness!

Double-Takes and Fixing Mistakes

People make mistakes. Whether they are contestants or the talented host, people always mess up. It’s part of life.

The producers will edit any mishaps, misreadings, stutters, and other things that naturally happen when human beings are involved. During these breaks, retakes will be taken in order to make the communication more fluid. As many mistakes that can be corrected are done so during these two-minute commercial spots.

One former Jeopardy! contestant tells the Sun-Sentinel that during commercial breaks, Trebek and the announcer, Johnny Gilbert, would chat with the audiences about all kinds of topics while they continued entertaining everyone, even during breaks.

During commercial breaks, Trebek and announcer Johnny Gilbert would chat with the audience, answering questions about the show and Trebek’s personal life. This is also when Trebek retaped a clue or two on which he stumbled during the first reading.

What One Former Contestant Has To Say

According to Ann Carter, who spoke with the Sun-Sentinel, the two-minute breaks allow the contestants to turn away from the board so nothing is seen in case of computer mishaps. Water is brought out for both Trebek and the contestants.

“The tape stops for this break allowing us to consider the category, Poets & Poetry, and where we stand. We also are given the first word of the question, Who or What, so we won’t make the mistake of forgetting to phrase our answer as a question,” says Carter.

Overall, being on the show and being in your living room hollering out answers is much different. It’s nice to know that Alex Trebek would talk with everyone during the breaks, seeming to be the likable and friendly guy we all imagined him to be. I guess we don’t truly know what goes on during the commercials unless we’re actually in the Jeopardy! studio.