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‘Jeopardy!’: When Will a Permanent Host Be Announced?

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images)

As Anderson Cooper continues his tenure as guest host on “Jeopardy!,” fans are still buzzing about who will take their permanent spot behind the lectern. 

Alex Trebek ended his reign on the long-running quiz show after he passed away from pancreatic cancer in November of 2020. Since the beginning of 2021, fans have seen various hosts take a stab a the gig. So far, Ken Jennings, Mike Richards, Dr. Oz, Aaron Rodgers, and now Anderson Cooper are the lucky few who’ve appeared on the coveted stage. 

While the lineup of guest hosts will continue into the summer, it begs the question: when will we see a permanent host? During a recent interview with NPR, Claire McNear, who wrote Answers In The Form Of Questions,” gave valuable insight into when we can expect to the show to name a host. 

‘Jeopardy!’ Expert Weighs In on When Fans Can Expect Announcement

“I think we will know pretty soon, McNear told NPR’s Lulu Garcia-Navarro. “Just the next few weeks, I think, will be the end of the taping season. They start taping the next season end of July, so I think within the next few months we will get the kind of announcement of the permanent host because they have said that there will be a permanent host for next season.

In addition, McNear theorized that the show’s rotating guest hosts is a type of experiment for both the guests and the fans. “I mean, this is such an interesting experiment for “Jeopardy!” because, of course, it is not a show that changes very much. And now, every two weeks, there’s something radically different on the screen. So this season has been this incredible rotation of guest hosts and – looking for somebody who has a lot of TV experience, who has experience saying complicated names and, you know, is also kind of charismatic and can maybe bring in their own audience.”

Yet, according to McNear, hosting “Jeopardy!” is no walk in the park. While some might be vying to get on the “Jeopardy!” payroll, the job isn’t as easy as you’d think. The show is unlike any other game show, which means it needs a host to match. 

“It is a uniquely really hard game show to run. The host is really involved in ‘Jeopardy!’ in a way that doesn’t really happen on a lot of other game shows. And you want somebody who projects that sort of gravitas – that academic air to them that Trebek, of course, had.”