‘Jeopardy!’: Who Is Guest Hosting Next After Anderson Cooper?

by Matthew Wilson

“Jeopardy!” will return on Monday (May 3) with a new host at its helm. The game show continues to employ guest hosts on brief stints on the show. Journalist and TV personality Anderson Cooper just wrapped his two weeks on the show.

And he’s turning host duties over to a fellow colleague. Bill Whitaker will be the next host behind the lectern when the show returns on Monday. Whitaker has been the long-time host on “60 Minutes,” the popular news program on CBS. According to Newsweek, Whittaker will be the first black man to ever host “Jeopardy!” as well.

Like all the previous hosts, Whitaker will host “Jeopardy!” for two weeks or 10 episodes. His hosting duties stretch from May 3 to May 14. Afterward, Buzzy Cohen will host this year’s “Jeopardy!” Tournament of Champions. Cohen previously won the championship, making his hosting duties a bit of a full circle for the contestant.

‘Jeopardy!’ And Its Lineup of Guest Hosts

Whitaker will donate his proceeds to the Media Fellowship House. Media Fellowship is a charity that deals with social injustice and economic inequality in Media, Pennsylvania. It’s Whitaker’s hometown. Additionally, his mother co-founded the charity.

Anderson Cooper, the past guest host, donated $138,197 to Justice Defenders during his second week as host. He previously donated $118,000 to Albert Schweitzer Hospital during his first week as guest hosts. All hosts have donated their proceeds to a charity of their choice.

Following Whitaker on “Jeopardy!”, actor Mayim Bialik will be taking over. She will host from May 31 to June 11 after the Tournament of Champions. She will be raising funds for the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Afterward, TODAY co-anchor Samantha Guthrie will host from June 14 until June 25. She will be raising funds for The Bowery Mission.

Finally, “Jeopardy!” has announced a crop of new guest hosts including favorite LeVar Burton. But these hosts will only have a week to guest spot on the show. Currently, “Jeopardy!” is already planning its long-term future as a show.

“Yes, absolutely. I think we want to look at everyone,” Mike Richards, producer on the show, has said. “We’re going to look at [all] the guest hosts, we want to see how the community reacts, how people feel. I felt it was very important to not choose someone right away because we are all still mourning Alex, we all still miss him. Whoever we put in that role would have been in an unwinnable war, so that’s the reason for the direction that we’ve taken.”

It remains to be seen who ultimately ends up as permanent host on the show.