’Jeopardy!’: Who’s the Next Guest Host as Mayim Bialik’s Stint Comes to a Close?

by Thad Mitchell

The “Jeopardy!” train keeps rolling right along under the guidance of various public figures tasked with keeping the game show on track.

Today (Friday) marks the final episode for current “Jeopardy!” guest host, Mayim Bialik. The actress and neuroscientist has done a terrific during her two-week run as host. She had received praise from “Jeopardy!” fans and contestants in droves. Before beginning her run on the show, Bialik says she hopes to honor the memory of Alex Trebek by hosting in a dignified and respectful manner. It is safe to she did exactly that as she stood behind the podium where Trebek stood behind for many years.

With Bialik saying her final “Jeopardy!” goodbyes today, a new celebrity is set to begin following the weekend. Journalist and television personality Savannah Guthrie is ready for the spotlight that comes with the job. She will begin her two-week tenure with this upcoming Monday’s episode.

Guthrie, 49, is used to the bright lights as a career broadcaster. She is the co-anchor of the NBC News show “Today,” starting the position nearly nine years ago in July of 2012. She recently took to social media to share her excitement about getting the “Jeopardy!” hosting opportunity. She also includes a few photos of herself on the “Jeopardy!” set as she begins recording episodes earlier this year.

“So honored and excited for this!” she proudly proclaims in the Instagram post. “See you this summer Jeopardy!”

Next ‘Jeopardy!’ Host is Ready to Roll

It is safe to say that “Jeopardy!” fans are excited to see her as well and believe she will do well in the hosting position. Guthrie will the third female to take on the responsibility! of hosting the hit game show. Bialik and journalist Katie Couric are the other two women to serve as guest hosts. Several fans flooded Guthrie’s post to say they are looking forward to her appearance and to wish her good luck.

“I’m so beyond excited!” a fan replies in the comments section. “Been waiting for this and can’t wait.”

Guthrie’s term as “Jeopardy!” guest host will run from June 14 to June 25 and will include 10 all-new episodes. Each guest host selects a special charity of their choice that will benefit from their tenure. Guthrie has selected the Bowery Mission as her charity. “Jeopardy!” will match contestant winnings during the guest host’s reign and donate it to the charity.

While we know who is next up on the “Jeopardy!” guest hosting carousel, the one million dollar question remains. Who will be the next permanent host for “Jeopardy!” and when will they take over. There is no official timeline for when a selection will be made but it is likely to come at some point this year.