‘Jeopardy!’ Winner Courtney Shah Explains How She Combines Love of Crochet, ‘Star Wars’ in New Clip

by Chris Haney

On Tuesday evening, Jeopardy! shared a clip of its current champion discussing how she combines her love of crocheting and Star Wars.

The pairing may seem random, but for champion Courtney Shah, it’s become one of her favorite hobbies. The community college instructor from Portland, Oregon is on a six-game winning streak. Additionally, she’s raked in almost $97,000 during her run on the game show.

Currently, neurosurgeon and CNN correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta is guest-hosting Jeopardy!. During the games show’s typical segment where they get to know the contestants a bit better, the host brought up Shah’s combined hobbies.

“I took up crochet when I was in graduate school,” Shah explained. “It’s a good break from reading and writing. But I’m a nerd at heart, and so of course I had to combine the crocheting with my love of Star Wars. And so I’ve made an R2D2, I’ve made a Stormtrooper, and I made a Death Star pillow.”

“Not all Star Wars people are nerds by the way, just putting that out there,” Gupta responded in a lighthearted way.

“But I am,” Shah admitted.

“May the force be with Courtney’s crocheting,” Jeopardy! captioned the Instagram post.

‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host Shares What Made Him ‘So Nervous’ About the Game Show

Last Monday, CNN correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta took over the Jeopardy! podium as the show’s newest guest host. He made his debut that night, which began his two-week stint as an interim host on the game show. Gupta took the reins from Today show anchor Savannah Guthrie whose guest-hosting gig ended on June 25.

The popular trivia show has utilized celebrity interim hosts since longtime host Alex Trebek’s November death. In fact, the show has used celebrities from every sector of the entertainment industry since earlier this year. Former Jeopardy! champions, journalists, broadcasters, actors, and even an NFL quarterback have taken over the Jeopardy! podium.

Previous to Gupta’s debut appearance last week, he gave an exclusive interview where he opened up about the game show. Like many other celebrities that have stood in Trebek’s shoes recently as guest hosts, Gupta admitted he was “nervous” to take over such an iconic program.

“I was super nervous,” Gupta explained in the interview. “I didn’t know exactly how this was going to play out. I’d never done anything quite like this.”

“But I think what made me most nervous is that I have just tremendous respect for the show,” he added. “So, I think when you have tremendous respect for something, you want to just treat it with that respect and just get everything right. That’s good. But it can also make you a bit nervous.”