‘Jeopardy!’ Wins Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Game Show, Producer Mike Richards Sends Special Message

by Madison Miller

This week, the Daytime Emmy Awards were given out to the shows and individuals that earned them this year. “Jeopardy!” was honored with the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Game Show. Although a wonderful honor, one that the show has gotten 39 times, there was one thing that made the entire celebration bittersweet.

The longtime and beloved host, Alex Trebek, wasn’t there to accept the award. Trebek served as the devoted host of the show for 37 years until he passed away with his long battle with pancreatic cancer in November.

This year “Jeopardy!” had Trebek’s kids accept the award in his honor. The executive producer of the show, Mike Richards, gave a speech dedicated to Alex Trebek then posted on the “Jeopardy!” Twitter account. He spoke about just how much of an honor it was to work with Trebek every day.

“I want to dedicate this award to Alex Trebek. We’ve heard from so many of you since he passed and we know how much he meant to you. He meant the world to us as well. He was more than just a game show host … was a legend, a towering figure, and he believed that ‘Jeopardy!’ was more than just a game show. He loved it because it stood for facts, competition and the celebration of intelligence,” Richards said.

“Jeopardy!” was up against “Family Feud,” “Let’s Make a Deal,” “The Price Is Right,” and “Wheel of Fortune.”

According to Variety, in addition to winning the honor of Oustanding Game Show, Alex Trebek posthumously won another Emmy for his talents as an Outstanding Game Show Host. He was up against Wayne Brady, Steve Harvey, Alfonso Ribeiro, and Pat Sajak.

He has recently won three consecutive Emmy Awards and racked up a total of 32 different Daytime Emmy Awards during his career.

Alex Trebek Two Kids Award

In addition to being an outstanding game show host, Alex Trebek was an amazing father and husband. He was married to his wife Jean in 1990 and the couple had two kids — Matthew and Emily. The “Jeopardy!” host also adopted his first wife’s daughter, Nicky, when the two were married.

He appeared in an interview with Lifestyle Magazine in 2020 to talk about his kids and how he balanced spoiling them, but also teaching them compassion and hard work.

“Both my children, I’m happy to say, are very compassionate, very understanding, and very eager to do good works…even though they have enjoyed a good lifestyle, they understand that there are people out there who don’t have it and who need help and they’re willing to help,” Trebek said.

His children took their compassionate selves to accept their father’s Emmy and speak of his hardworking and passionate ways.

“Over the past 37 years, the show became a second family. He was always excited to go to work, even during his battle with cancer. He was so fortunate that he was able to do what he loved, and we know he not once took it for granted. On behalf of our family, we thank you so much,” Emily Trebek said, according to TV Line.