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‘Jeopardy!’: Young Contestant Explains How Much Success on Game is ‘Luck of the Draw’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

She made her appearance on Jeopardy! earlier this month, and now Grace Jeffrey is ready to share details about her game show experience.

During her interview with The Duke Chronicle, Grace discusses how she prepared for Jeopardy!, including what she was expecting the trivia questions were going to be.

“I watched the show a lot, and I practiced while I watched the show using a pen instead of a buzzer because the timing of clicking in is really important,” Grace states. “And I found an online study guide that was for the things that were important general knowledge to know such as basic facts about every single country in the world, basic facts about every world war, every United States president and Vice President, things like that.”

Jeffrey continues, “And I tried to study that, but it was a pretty quick turnaround time – I filmed three weeks after [Jeopardy!] contacted me, so it wasn’t like I had time to relearn lots of different stuff. I also knew it’s all luck of the draw – you have no idea what the categories are going to be, so there’s only so much studying you can do. There’s a point where it becomes futile to study.”

Grace Auditions To Be On ‘Jeopardy!’ Just For Fun

Also during her interview, Jeffrey reveals that she auditioned for Jeopardy! just for fun. “I took the online test in October, and to provide some extra context, the audition process differed from past years this year because of COVID-19,” Grace explained. “It was entirely virtual versus usually where there is an in-person component of the audition process. And so online I took the general test. Anybody can take this test from their home, from their computer, and that’s how the first round always is.” 

Grace also recalls that after a few weeks, she received an email from Jeopardy! Stating that she passed the test. “They don’t tell you your actual score,” she says. “And they don’t tell you the benchmark. It can vary based on the contestant pool, but they sent me an email telling I passed and to await being contacted for the next step of the process.”

Jeffrey was then invited to the Jeopardy! mock game for both the college and the adult show. She ended up doing two mock games, one in early December 2020 and the other in early January 2021. Eventually, Grace began to wonder if she was going to be on the show’s college or adult edition. “I didn’t hear back for awhile, so I reached out to them to clarify that ‘Im graduating college in May, so I imagine that my window for eligibility to be on the college show is pretty small because if you film it after May, I’m not a college student anymore,’ so I think that’s why they invited me to do the adult show because they haven’t filmed their college tournament yet.”

Grace took to the Jeopardy! stage on June 3rd, but unfortunately, didn’t walk away the winner of the episode.