‘Jeopardy’s Ken Jennings Dishes On Shocking Interaction With ‘Dude’ Who Doesn’t Drink Water

by Clayton Edwards

Ken Jennings is back with his blend of education and entertainment. The Jeopardy! champ is well-known for bringing the laughs while educating his fans. He does it in print with his books. Jennings also brings humor to his multiple quiz show appearances.

Ken Jennings even entertained Alex Trebek. Back in 2004, Jennings had an unprecedented 74-game winning streak. A few years later, Trebek called him a “perfect storm,” of a contestant. The late host of the iconic quiz show said that Jennings was smart, savvy, and had a great sense of humor. Anyone who follows his Twitter account knows that his hasn’t changed in the past seventeen years.

Earlier this afternoon, Ken Jennings cracked a joke at someone’s expense. At the same time, he dropped a little nugget of scientific knowledge.

According to Ken Jennings’ latest tweet, someone told him that they don’t drink water. Which is pretty surprising. Water is essential to just about every living thing on this planet. So, how someone can go through life not drinking water is a mystery. Sure, you can get fluids from other drinks or from some food. However, it seems like just drinking water would be the best way to stay hydrated.

Ken Jennings points out, “My dude, you are 75% water.” Then, almost immediately, he replied to his initial tweet. Jennings added that the person who doesn’t drink water is an example of “Self-hating carbon based life.”

Ken Jennings Informs and Entertains

Ken Jennings has a great sense of humor. He can’t help but let that sense of humor bleed into just about anything he does. It doesn’t matter if he’s on Jeopardy!, The Chase, or any other quiz show or writing a book for children. Jennings knows the importance of laughter as well as education.

A solid example of Ken Jennings injecting humor into just about everything is his recent tweet at The Chase. The show’s Twitter account posted about the new season coming soon. Jennings added “Who’s ready for bright boy summer?” The real question here is who he is referencing. It could be Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hot Girl Summer,” or it could be the less popular Chet Hanx’s “White boy summer.”

Either way, he and his fellow Chasers are some of the brightest boys on television. Chances are, they’ll stop plenty of contestants from landing the big prize on the show. If you’re ready to see Jennings and his fellow Chasers take on teams of hopeful contestants, you don’t have long to wait. Bright Boy Summer The Chase season 2 kicks off June 6th.