Jerry Seinfeld Describes Moment He Knew ‘Seinfeld’ Was Over

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

Whether fans want them to or not, all good shows must come to an end eventually. Renowned actor and comedian Jerry Seinfeld recently discussed the moment he knew Seinfeld had run its course.

FOX News shared what Seinfeld told reporters during a press conference Wednesday about knowing the show was over. “I remember when I was in the ninth season and I was thinking maybe it’s time to wrap this up, and I remember inviting Michael [Richards] and Julia [Louis-Dreyfous] and Jason [Alexander] to my dressing room and we all just sat there and we stared at each other,” he told reporters during a press conference on Wednesday.”

Apparently, the four stars were all on the same wavelength, feeling now was the best time. “I went, ‘I was thinking maybe this is our moment to make a good exit.’ We’ve had a lot of good fortune here. Maybe we shouldn’t push our luck too far. And we all agreed that this was the right moment.” Seinfeld seems to think everyone knew this was coming, saying they’d never done anything like gather in the dressing room before.

“And I remember it’s the only time we all got together in a dressing room, the four of us, to make that decision,” Seinfeld stated. “That was powerful, I remember that… I remember because as soon as we all agreed, that was it. You know, if the four of us agreed, I knew it wasn’t going to go further.”

Seinfeld had a great run, to be fair. Spanning 9 seasons and 180 episodes, the sitcom is synonymous with comedy. The “show about nothing” set a precedent many shows still follow today.

Jerry Seinfeld Perfectly States Why He Doesn’t Watch ‘Seinfeld’ and Trying to be a ‘Legend of the Sitcom World’

Receiving universal praise and success, you’d think Jerry Seinfeld would frequently, or at least occasionally, watch Seinfeld. However, he says he never does.

In the same press conference, Seinfeld stated why he never watches his legendary show, and it makes perfect sense. “I don’t watch the show. How often have you pulled out your high school yearbook?” As someone who cringes even thinking about what I looked like in high school, I completely understand his mentality.

Furthermore, he talked about a discussion he had with a cab driver about Seinfeld ending. In addition to the cast knowing it was simply time to finish the show, he said he wanted to stop while he was ahead after the driver asked about it. “And I said to him, well, I was at a point we had done it for nine years and I realized I could go off the air right now and the show could be a legend. I could be a legend of the sitcom world or I could make some more money. I could risk that to make some more money.”

Seinfeld then asked the driver what he would have done, and he responded he would have done the same.