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Jim Carrey Steps Straight Out of the ’90s in New Super Bowl Commercial

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Jim Smeal/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

Jim Carrey is struggling with some new technology as his character from the 1996 hit film The Cable Guy in a new Verizon ad that premiered during Super Bowl LVI. Of course, anyone who has seen the film starring Carrey and Matthew Broderick knows that the original Cable Guy is from before a time when people were cutting the real and proverbial cable cords in favor of wireless technology.

The Super Bowl has long been a key opportunity for companies to do their best bringing us some of the greatest commercials of all time. The annual event is consistently among the highest viewed television events each year. Because of this, a 30-second ad during the big game can run anywhere between $6.5 and $7 million, with many falling well above this mark. Sure, this is quite a bit of bank. However, it’s an investment that has proven to be a sound decision for many advertisers. Especially when they appeal to customers by bringing back some of our favorite pop-culture favorites from the past. And, let’s be honest, really any Jim Carrey character can bring us back to days gone by!

“Cable Guy!” Jim Carrey Makes an Unexpected Appearance During Super Bowl LVI

After its 1996 release, The Cable Guy quickly became a cult-classic favorite. In the popular film, Jim Carrey portrays the Cable Guy, the film’s titular character. He’s intense; he’s eccentric, and he no doubt has no understanding of boundaries. In the film, Carrey’s Cable Guy gets involved – too involved – with one of his customers played by Matthew Broderick.

The Verizon ad very likely cost the company about $13-14 million to produce, as per Screen Rant. In the ad, Jim Carrey’s Cable Guy character knocks on an apartment door…and relentlessly rings the bell while exclaiming “Cable Guy!”

The woman who answers the door explains to Carrey’s Cable Guy that she does not need cable. This, she says, is because she has the new Verizon 5G. Now, being a 1990s cable man, Carrey’s character is decidedly confused by what the woman is telling him. After all, cable was the only option back in those days. Jim Carrey’s Cable Guy enters the apartment to examine the device that is providing the Verizon customer the impressive 5G connection.

Clearly uncertain about the device, the Cable Guy quizzes the woman about the benefits of the device.

“Hidden fees?” the Cable Guy asks as he puts his ear to the Verizon 5G box, tapping it on the side.

“I love those,” he adds.

“Nope,” the Verizon customer responds. “Price is the price.”

Carrey’s character seems to accept the new technology at the end. However, much to the woman’s dismay, he promises a return visit to “re-check” the connection. If you’ve seen The Cable Guy you know where this is going. And, it’s not good!