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Jim Gaffigan Says He Got Death Threats After Blasting Donald Trump in String of Tweets

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Amanda Edwards / Contributor / Getty Images)

After unleashing a major “Twitter rant” against President Donald Trump last week, Jim Gaffigan says he is now receiving threats on social media. The 54-year-old comedian spoke out about the backlash in a length Facebook post over the weekend.

In the post, Gaffigan shares a screenshot of a particularly threatening comment left from a social media user. The comment reads, “Unsubscribed – you’ll be looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life. Enjoy.”

According to the father of five, he recently a number of threats similar to the aforementioned one. “The image that is connected to this post is one of the many messages I received that are quasi threatening or flat out threatening,” Gaffigan said. “We all know Trump is not a unifier but remember he and his cronies stoke hatred and violence. He may say he is the Law and Order candidate, but he wants chaos so can pretend to provide security.”

Jim Gaffigan felt that while he “expressed support for gay rights and Black Lives Matter” in the past, many of his fans felt that he remained apolitical. “I learned early in my stand-up career people don’t want to hear about politics from me,” he writes. “I knew me talking politics wasn’t changing any minds and was only alienating half of the audience. So if I believe I won’t sway any voters, why speak out like I did? Honestly, I feel I had no choice at this point. I think Trump is ruining (sic) and possibly has already ruined my country.”

The Chappaquiddick actor writes that he knows some people may not be swayed by his opinion, but that is his ultimate goal. “To be clear upfront I don’t think anyone is going to let an actor or a comedian tell them who to vote for despite the fact that the current President is essentially both and actor and a comedian. However, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I want to change some minds. Of course I do, I feel strongly about what is going in our country.”

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