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Jimmy Buffett is Eating a Hanging Seafood Tower and Living His Best Life

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/WireImage)

Mountains are pretty cool. Jimmy Buffett can’t really argue with that either. He recently took his dog on a hike through the Rocky Mountains as they lived out their John Denver fantasy together. Still, there’s just something about eating a cheeseburger in paradise without a care in the world while your exes are stuck somewhere in Texas. And no matter what time you find yourself in Margaritaville, it’s surely five o’clock somewhere…

Buffett recently took to Twitter to share a pretty epic snap of himself living his best life, and honestly, we’re here for it.

Jimmy Buffett Takes on Portugal

Jimmy Buffett and the beach just make sense together in the same way that Coke and Jack do. After visiting a legendary US Coast Guard ship not too long ago, the rocker finds himself somewhere more tropical. Actually, the geotag of his latest tweet tells us he’s in Nazaré indulging in the fresh cuisine of Portugal.

Although his tweet doesn’t go into the details surrounding his trip there, it looks like it leans more towards pleasure than business. Still, a little R&R never hurt anybody. He looks lovingly at the seafood tower, clearly admiring the “ingenuity.”

Check it out here:

New Shows Added to the “Life on the Flip Side” Tour

The above tweet follows another one that holds some exciting news for Jimmy Buffett fans. He and the Coral Reefer Band just added a couple more stops to their “Life on the Flip Side” tour. The two additions include Atlanta set for December 1st of this year and West Palm Beach about a week later on the 9th. All tour information including ticketing can be accessed from his official website right here.

Actually, Buffett originally set the entire tour to take place before the end of 2021. Then, COVID-19 reared its ugly head and essentially waged war against the whole music industry. It left several bands with no choice other than to push their show dates back, and in some cases, cancel shows altogether. Other big names affected have included the likes of KISS and The Rolling Stones, although it’s hard to find a single band that wasn’t affected nowadays.

Buffett’s new schedule sees tour dates that span as far as June of 2022. That being said, most venues are offering full refunds for original ticketholders that don’t want to wait it out. For those that are more patient, the new venues plan to honor the original tickets at the rescheduled shows.