Jimmy Buffett Says ‘Everyday’ is National Dog Day in Paddleboarding Pic with Pooch

by Joe Rutland

Who says you can’t enjoy a day in Margaritaville and your dog, too? No one. Singer Jimmy Buffett celebrates National Dog Day in style.

Buffett took to Twitter on Thursday and shared a photo of him doing some paddleboarding with a pooch. Take a look at this from the chief Parrot Head.

A sweet dose of sun, sand, surf, water, and “Man’s Best Friend.” That sure looks like a good tonic for what ails a human soul. Maybe ol’ Jimmy Buffett has figured out the secret of a good life.

But a lot of other Parrot Heads (a nickname for serious fans of Buffett’s music) love to listen and attend Buffett concerts all over the world. He’s made a good life by elevating that “Margaritaville” lifestyle beyond music. Buffett has his own Margaritaville resort down in Cancun, Mexico.

Toss in a line of Margaritaville-themed books and drinks and, well, Jimmy Buffett is doing pretty good. If you want to make a trip to Margaritaville down in Cancun on your calendar, then go visit the resort’s website right here.

Pat Sajak Once Jokingly Took Credit For Jimmy Buffett Classic Song

So, why would “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak decide to take credit for writing the Jimmy Buffett classic “Margaritaville”?

We bet you Outsiders are wondering if that big wheel hit Sajack upside his head.

Back in May, the game show put out out a video with Sajak and co-host Vanna White discussing the song.

Why would Sajak take credit for the iconic song? Well, it’s done in a joking sense.

“You might be wondering what this giant flip-flop is doing on our set,” Sajak said. “It’s actually a small version of the 13-foot versions that are featured in the lobbies of many of the Margaritaville Hotels and Resorts in the U.S. and Caribbean.”

Then White chimes in and says, “And every guest gets their own brand new regular-sized pair of flip-flops when they check-in at Margaritaville Island Reserve Resorts.”

It’s clear that the “Wheel of Fortune” hosts are advertising for Margaritaville Resorts. But Sajak chimed in with a hilarious quip. He said, “It’s hard to believe that when I gave Jimmy [Buffett] the idea for that song back in 1977, it would all lead to this, hey.”

Like we said earlier, people looking to get away from it all for a bit can make plans and get these goodies (among many others) at Margaritaville Resorts.

Buffett is a Christmas baby, born on Dec. 25, 1946, in Pascagoula, Miss. He did a couple of albums before “Changes In Latitude, Changes In Attitude” came out in 1977. On that album was his song “Margaritaville” and set Buffett’s course for the rest of his career.