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Jimmy Buffett Has Some Serious ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Vibes Going for New ‘Hump Day’ Pic

by Suzanne Halliburton
Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Rest assured, when Jimmy Buffett isn’t singing, he’s on a boat somewhere, enjoying those balmy ocean breezes.

And thank goodness he likes to share, so we can all live vicariously through him. Because with Jimmy Buffett, every day can be Margaritaville.

As Wednesday afternoon was rolling into evening, Buffett shared this photo. He’s giving off some serious (sunken) Pirates of the Caribbean vibes, don’t you think? Cause this is what a Pirate Looks Like at … 74.

This Sounds Perfect: Jimmy Buffett Announced Concert Dates in Florida

Earlier this week, Jimmy Buffett announced a Florida swing of concerts. He’s not performing in Key West, but he’s still feeling Florida. He tweeted: “calling all Pale invaders and tan crusaders, Floridays coming in next month – blue skies and ultra violet rays, we can’t wait.” From Dec. 4 through the 11th, Buffett will hit four Florida cities — Tampa, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach and Orlando. Two of the concerts were rescheduled events from last year. He opens the month in Atlanta.

Although Covid-19 gutted his live performances in 2020, Jimmy Buffett stayed busy during the pandemic. And he managed a way to include his Parrothead fans.

Buffett recorded one album with songs based on suggestions from fans. He asked them, via social media, what songs they’d like to hear other than his most popular hits. He wanted to give some love to his old tunes, the songs that may go overlooked in favor of his better-known music. Buffett received thousands of responses.

He released an acoustic album of some of those tunes, calling the work Songs You Don’t Know By Heart. His daughter, Delaney, filmed him performing the songs. And those videos were posted to the Jimmy Buffett web site.

If Nick Saban Can Rock the Vote in Alabama, So Can Buffett

Jimmy Buffett also did his good citizen’s duty in Alabama, where he grew up. State officials announced in late September that Buffett and country star Riley Green will be part of a voter registration drive. Ads started running in early October and will continue through Thanksgiving. Buffett and Green are featured in statewide TV and radio ads. They’re also part of a digital ad campaign. Their faces appear on posters sent out to courthouses and schools throughout the state. The singing superstars are in good company. Nick Saban and Charles Barkley have been part of past campaigns.

He’s also delighting in returning to the stage, playing in front of fans.

“Because fun has been shut down for two years,” Jimmy Buffett told the Tulsa World in late August. “And that is something that’s never happened before on Planet Earth. People have been cooped up for so long that you can just feel this kind of euphoric energy coming from them. I get goosebumps just talking about it.

“And that’s why I say that the vaccine is the gateway drug to having fun once again,” Buffett said. “If we’re ever going to get back to normal, that’s the only way to go.”