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Jimmy Buffett on New Album, Forgetting Lyrics: ‘Of Course You Do, I’m Old’

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT

Jimmy Buffett hits 74 on Christmas Day. By his own description “I’m old.”

That’s why he didn’t mind letting his fans know that sometimes he does forget the words to an occasional song. He was asked about forgetting lyrics during an interview Thursday morning on “The Today Show.”

“Of course you do,” Buffett quipped. “I’m old.”

New Album By Jimmy Buffett Celebrates All His Years

Although Buffett quips that he’s old, he is ageless. And his music is timeless.

No matter the decade, just about any adult would like to put on a pair of flip flops, pour a cold drink, prop up their feet and enjoy the breeze of a warm day. Buffett’s music is a soundtrack for that 24/7 leisurely lifestyle.

He currently is on a remote publicity tour to talk about his new album “Songs You Don’t Know By Heart.” It’s a new look at his old music and a tweak of the title of his greatest hits album. That’s “Songs You Know By Heart.” In essence, it’s a love letter to some of his beloved music.

The pandemic lockdown allowed Buffett the time to slow down and think about all the songs he’s ever recorded or sung at one of his many concerts.

Buffett asked his fans to suggest some of his lesser-known songs for a re-do. He whittled the top 50 suggestions — Buffett has a lot of songs — to 15. Those are the songs he recorded for his new album.

Plus, Delaney Buffett, his daughter, produced a series of videos showing her dad singing each song and telling the backstories. It was a living, breathing “this is your life” kind of oral history.

Seriously, There Are So Many Songs

Buffett has released more than 30 albums. He’s toured since 1976. That’s a whole lot of singing.

So, it’s a valid question about remembering lyrics. For half his singing career, Buffett would make sure that he’d include at least the same eight songs in every concert.

But yes, Buffett said, he does have some outside help just in case he forgets some of the beautiful, breezy lyrics.

Yes, there’s a prompter.

“I don’t want to use it as a crutch,” Buffett said. “I know a lot more songs by heart than I did before this all started.”