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Jimmy Buffett is ‘Permit Scouting’ in Gorgeous Photos from Fishing Day

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Just about every time Jimmy Buffett shares a new photo, it always seems like he is out there living his best life. Usually on the water. It looks like he is getting some fishing prep done before he gets his lines in the water.

In a new pair of photos the singer shared on Twitter, he is cruising along clear blue waters. He has his head and face protected from the sun and looks to be finding a good place to put his hook in the water. Buffett doesn’t play around it seems.

Check out Jimmy Buffett in this clean, slick little boat.

Buffet looks like he is ready for a long day on the water. He has protected most of his skin from the sun’s rays and those gloves tell me he’s in for some serious fishing. His water shoes and other gear have the Five O’Clock Somewhere singer working hard in paradise. I’m sure it doesn’t feel much like work, though.

His pole is laying across the boat, but it doesn’t appear to be set. Perhaps Buffett is rolling a bit while he coasts along the water. Nothing wrong with keeping a line in the water while you find a good spot. You never know what might pass by.

There isn’t much that Jimmy Buffett can’t do, but he likes to spend a lot of time having fun. That’s for sure. Whether he’s jamming out at a show or just enjoying his time hanging out at his favorite spots, the singer has made a living off of relaxing.

Jimmy Buffett Enjoys Time Off Before Tour Resumes

It looks like Jimmy Buffett is enjoying himself before he hits the road again. It’s always good to unwind and relax before hitting the road again. The 74-year-old is celebrating quite a birthday this year. He will turn 75 on Christmas day. That’s not a bad way to spend the holidays.

Ahead of that birthday, he has a number of shows scheduled for the month of December. A few of the shows are rescheduled dates. A few shows were canceled due to COVID-19, so now they are being made up in Tampa, Jacksonville, and Orlando. Next year, there will be more tour dates made up. Rescheduled dates include shows in North Carolina, Alabama, and other places. Fans will be able to see the Margaritaville artist at a number of venues next year.

While Jimmy Buffett was hoping to get his tour finished by the end of 2021, it just wasn’t possible. Dates had to be moved, things rescheduled, and more. However, that won’t stop him from making up those dates and doing good by fans. Seriously, he has dates all the way in June of 2022 just to make up shows that he missed in the last year. That’s dedication and appreciation for fans.