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Jimmy Buffett Trades the Beach for the Mountains in Awesome New Hiking Posts

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

When many people think about Jimmy Buffett, they often imagine sand, sun, and waves. After all, he was singing about the beauties of the beach life long before Kenny Chesney came along. However, Buffett doesn’t just sing about life on the beach. He lives it. His Margaritaville resorts give fans a taste of his idyllic paradise lifestyle. Recently, the ocean-loving singer-songwriter showed the world that he is just as comfortable in the woods as he is on the waves.

Jimmy Buffett demonstrated his love for the outdoors in all its forms on Twitter over the past couple of days. Yesterday, he posted a photo of himself looking out over a beautiful landscape in the Rocky Mountains. If there was any doubt as to where the Mayor of Margaritaville was standing, he subtly cleared with the post’s caption. Check out the tweet below.

When he first came to the mountains his life was far away. / On the road and hanging by a song / But the string’s already broken and he doesn’t really care. / It keeps changing fast and it don’t last for long.” is from the song, “Rocky Mountain High,” by John Denver. It looks like Jimmy Buffett and his pooch are high up in the Rockies enjoying the quiet mountain air.

However, Jimmy Buffett knows that you can’t take in the majesty of the Rocky Mountains in a single day. It looks like Buffett is still in the Rockies along with his faithful pooch. Check out the video of the two companions setting off for a hike in the woods.

The King of the Parrot Heads didn’t need a caption for this post. The video of a man and his excited pooch disappearing into the trees delivers the message loud and clear.

Jimmy Buffett and His Hiking Partner

Jimmy Buffett has a decades-long catalog of music. However, fans can get a real sense of who he is from his Twitter feed. Recently, Buffett has posted several photos and videos of him and his pooch going on adventures.

In fact, Jimmy Buffett let his followers know how he felt about his furry friend last month. On National Dog Day, Buffett posted a photo of him and the pup on a beach. In the photo, Buffett relaxes on a paddleboard while his dog stands nearby. However, it isn’t just that he’s spending time with his pooch that makes the post so poignant. The caption drives the point home. The singer wrote, “Everyday. #NationalDogDay”

Jimmy Buffett will have a little extra time to spend with his barking buddy this fall. He was set to perform at the New Orleans Jazz Fest. However, organizers of the event recently announced that it was canceled. Hopefully, Buffett will use that extra time to go on – and share photos of – more adventures with his four-legged companion.