Jimmy Buffett Works on Sailboat in Old School Throwback Shot

by Quentin Blount

Famous singer and songwriter Jimmy Buffett took to social media on Thursday afternoon to post a sweet throwback photo of him working on a sailboat.

The country music icon has always enjoyed the boating lifestyle. Buffett demonstrated his passion for boating yet again on Thursday.

In a Twitter post, the Margaritaville singer shows off a photo of himself in a harness working on a sailboat. Buffett has his tongue sticking out and seems to be having himself a good time.

We’re sure this isn’t the only photo he has of himself “wastin’ away” time on a boat. As part of his post, Buffett shares a quote and gives credit to Tom Corcoran for taking the awesome photo.

“In the bo’sun’s chair with the harbor stretched out below, the captain works off his fog by refinishing a section high on the mizzen mast,” Buffett shares on Twitter. “He’s equipped with extra sandpaper and a therapeutic bottle of water in the ditty bag, a bandana to signify ‘Man at Work.'”

Buffett’s first sailboat was a Cheoy Lee 33. He made that purchase with the little money he made from the sales of some early recordings. From there, he upgraded to the Cheoy Lee 48. Years later, he went for more traditional sailboats. Buffett went on to own a 26-foot Alerion sloop, along with a Tofinou 9.5.

However, there’s nothing traditional about his most recent boat, the Surfari 50 Drifter. The sailing yacht was exactly what Buffett was looking for. He wanted a boat where he could disappear and chill out by himself on. And of course, he wanted to be able to sail, fish, and carry his many water toys. Some of those include surfboards, an outrigger canoe and a SUP fly fishing board.

Jimmy Buffett Hangs With a Toucan in Throwback Photo

Jimmy Buffett has continued to stay active on social media so far in 2021. And to begin the year, many of his posts have been throwbacks to his younger days.

Just a few weeks ago, Buffett took to Twitter once again to look back on his awesome career. He posted a tropical photo of himself in what looks like a jungle area with a toucan hanging out in the background.

“What he lacked in ambition, he made up with intuition,” Buffett wrote.

The biggest Jimmy Buffett fans are also known as Parrotheads. They, of course, would know that the caption of the photo includes lyrics to the song “Cowboy in the Jungle.”

Forget that blind ambition
And learn to trust your intuition
Plowin’ straight ahead come what may
And there’s a cowboy in the jungle
,” Buffet sings.

Listen to Jimmy Buffett perform the hit song here.