Jimmy Fallon Honors Conan O’Brien As He Wraps His Late Night Show

by Anna Dunn

Conan O’ Brien has officially wrapped up his late-night show, and fellow comedians and late-night hosts are saying goodbye to the icon. Jimmy Fallon, for instance, paid tribute to the host by giving him a big “thanks” on his Twitter.

“Congratulations @TeamCoco,” he penned. “One of the funniest brains in comedy. Without you, I wouldn’t have a job. Thank you for everything. I’ve always said – you can’t spell HBO without at least one of the letters from CONAN.”

The HBO comment was meant to point out that this isn’t a forever goodbye from Conan. The host is moving to HBO Max.

Fallon currently hosts The Tonight Show, which as many know was the source of controversy when Jay Leno’s team essentially took the show from Conan in 2010. While Fallon had nothing to do with the controversy at the time, he did wind up taking over The Tonight Show later down the line.

Another late night host named Jimmy also referenced the 2010 incident, but with a bit more heat.

“We look forward to whatever you have planned next at HBO Max,” Jimmy Kimmel said in an address to Conan on his show. “Also, I want to say congratulations to Jay Leno on his new time slot at TBS.”

Others Focused On What Conan O’ Brien Did For Comedy

Many believe that Conan O’ Brien re-defined modern comedy, and with his legacy both in late night and in stand-up, it would be hard to disagree.

Conan changed TV comedy for the better,” writer and producer Michael Schur wrote. “What a weird genius. What a run.” Shur would know a thing or two about TV comedy, being behind shows like The Office, Parks and Rec, and The Good Place.

But for others, it was important just to say how good of a friend the man has been. Stephen Colbert, for instance, spoke of their long-time friendship.

“Conan is a dear friend and a lovely fella who has been nothing but a strength and a great source of advice for me as I took over a late-night show, and I want to congratulate him on 24 incredible years… and several perfectly fine ones as well,” he joked.

Colbert also said that he hoped O’Brien enjoys his “6 days in retirement,” before heading on to the new HBO Max series.

Conan O’ Brien inspired and uplifted countless comedians during his time, all while simply making people laugh. While he may be off-network TV, his run on HBO Max should give him a little more leeway to say exactly what’s on his mind with a bit of a less traditional format.

So while it’s a farewell, Conan’s exit from his TBS series after 11 years is also a step into something newer and hopefully even better.