Jimmy Kimmel Buys Gorgeous $8 Million Fishing Lodge in Idaho

by Joe Rutland

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel is no stranger to fishing. It’s been a part of his life for years and now he’s turning his passion into a sweet deal.

Earlier this year, Kimmel, who stars in ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” partnered up with fishing guide Oliver White to purchase the South Fork Lodge in June for $8 million.

Why would a late-night talk-show host make a deal like this? Well, Kimmel loves the great outdoors. He finds getting away to places where the fish are biting to be both fun and relaxing.

Back in 2012, Vanity Fair magazine asked him a few questions regarding his best ideas for getaways from Hollywood.

He said at the time his favorite place to stay was rock music singer Huey Lewis’ place in Montana.

“He wakes everyone up with a duck call,” Kimmel joked.

Kimmel added that when he’s on the vacation road, “Whenever I fish, I stop at the local fly shop whether I need something or not. I always buy a hat with the shop’s logo on it.”

Jimmy Kimmel Takes His Fly Fishing Seriously

Before thinking that Kimmel is just making a purchase of a fishing lodge to add to his riches, think again.

The 52-year-old native of New York City has given people an up-close-and-personal view of his outdoor adventures. Here is Kimmel, along with some friends, taking in a fly-fishing journey.

Kimmel is an advocate for catch-and-release efforts.

“Yeah, it’s hard for people who aren’t fly fishermen to even understand the idea of catch and release,” Kimmel told “The Whitefish Review” in 2017. “That’s what most people ask me about. They are puzzled by this. They are like, ‘Why would you even bother to fish if you are releasing the fish?’

“It’s almost impossible to explain, other than to tell them, ‘If we didn’t release the fish, there wouldn’t be any in 10 years.’ And even then, they’re still scratching their heads. I think you really have to be there to get it. I know I did.”

Kimmel Shares Love Of Fishing With His Viewers

When he’s been able to do so, Kimmel takes time in his late-night show to give viewers who also are fishermen some tips.

Pro bass fisherman Mike Iaconelli made an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in 2018. He and Kimmel traded barbs while Iaconelli also shared from his experience in the bass boat.

Here’s how the appearance went down on ABC.

When not talking about fishing, Kimmel also makes time for other comedians, musicians, and entertainers. A recent show had country music singer Chris Stapleton appear and talk about his, um, “new” album release, “A Country COVID Christmas.” It was a way to, in Stapleton’s unique way, look back at a real tough year through the lens of Christmas carols.

He also spent time talking about his real new album release, “Starting Over,” in November.