Jimmy Page Teases New Music, Says It Will ‘Surprise’ People

by Chris Haney

During an in-depth interview with Classic Rock magazine, legendary guitarist Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin reflected on his storied career and even hinted that new music could be on the way.

Page touched on a few projects he worked on after Led Zeppelin broke up following drummer John Bonham’s death. The iconic guitarist spoke about being hopeful that his unreleased work with XYZ – his short project with Yes duo Chris Squire and Alan White – may still receive an official release. He calls the trio’s work together “really good music” and says it’s “fascinating to listen to.”

However, the discussion then led to questions on any current musical projects Page may be working on. The Led Zeppelin guitarist did not give too much away but said he is always working on music. In addition, Page says his current work would really surprise fans.

“I’m never not doing something,” Page explains in the interview. “And I’m never not doing something that’s going to surprise people. It’s like when I did a spoken word project with my girlfriend [2019’s Catalyst, with poet Scarlett Sabet]. Nobody was expecting me to do that, because nobody had done that before. It was really wonderful to do. But, I’ve always got ideas. And the day that I wake up and haven’t got any ideas of what to do and how to do it, that for me will be a very sad day. And that day looks like it’s some way off yet.”

The fact that one of the world’s greatest guitarists is still working on relevant music will excite fans to no end. Curiosities are surely peaked by Page’s cryptic comments that he is always working and always has fresh ideas to pull from.

Jimmy Page Talks About COVID-19 and Led Zeppelin’s Untimely Ending

The guitar hero also spoke about truly reconnecting with his guitar during the COVID-19 pandemic. Previous to the pandemic, Page said he simply did not have enough time to pick up his guitars. Since March, the artist has had more time to spend with his instruments.

“One of the things I was complaining about before we all had to lock down was that I wasn’t having enough time to play guitar,” Page said. “I was able to actually say: ‘Well, this is it. You can do it every day now.’ So, it’s given me an opportunity to reconnect properly with the guitar.”

Of course, it was a given that, at some point, the conversation would turn towards his time with Led Zeppelin. Page was asked about the band’s famous drummer John Bonham who died in 1980. Additionally, he was asked if the band would have continued making music if he had not tragically passed away. The musician recalled that the band had already discussed where the quartet could take their music next.

“John Bonham and I discussed what sort of shape the next album should be, because each album was different to the last,” said Page of the band’s plans. “It just so happened that Presence was basically a guitar album. So as John Paul Jones had his Dream Machine [a Yamaha GX-1 synthesizer utilized on In Through the Out Door], it was only right to do a keyboard album. So we had been discussing what we’d do for the next one. And there were definite ideas of what we could do.”

Unfortunately, after Bonham’s passing the band chose not to press on. The three remaining Led Zeppelin members said it just wouldn’t be the same. Indeed, Bonham’s heavy-handed drumming and thunderous playing style would’ve been almost impossible to replicate.

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