Joanna Gaines Checks on Her Line of Products at Target ‘to Just See’

by Joe Rutland

Don’t mind Joanna Gaines if she’s just looking for some specific things, like her line of products, when taking a road trip to Target.

Gaines, who with her husband Chip launched the Magnolia Network in July, talked about her shopping habits in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Now Joanna Gaines had gained fame, along with Chip, on their show “Fixer Upper.” But they walked away from the show to start their own television network.

Additionally, the article pointed out that the Gaines still live in the same farmhouse they bought in 2012, and Joanna still runs errands with her kids at Target.

One difference: The Target in Waco, Texas, has a double-wide aisle solely devoted to products licensed with her name.

“I always walk by to just see,” Joanna Gaines said. “Is it clean? Have they displayed it well?”

If not, then she probably will find someone in charge to fix it up ASAP.

Joanna Gaines and Husband Chip Crush Massive Financial Milestone

In the meantime, Joanna Gaines and her husband Chip have been working hard for a long time. They helped the “Farmhouse-chic” design style to burst forth in the late 2010s. “Fixer Upper” just raised their success to another level.

As we mentioned earlier, Joanna Gaines has her own Target line called “Hearth & Hand with Magnolia,” which includes all kinds of decor and lifestyle products. The Gaines own three stores in Texas since Joanna’s got a passion for cooking and baking.

They know about success as business people. The Gaines launched the “Magnolia Network” on July 15 on the Discovery+ platform and the Magnolia app.

About the financial milestone? Listen up, Outsiders. According to Ok! Magazine, the Gaines are now “worth in excess more than a billion dollars with the arrival of their new network.”

Insiders also shared that the Magnolia brand just by itself is worth about $750 million. But the Gaines also have book deals, magazines, and Target and Anthropologie lines in their name.

Gaines Hope To Inspire People With Show On Magnolia Network

“Fixer Upper” impacted TV watchers, which is strange since the Gaines don’t have a TV in their home.

What they hope to accomplish with some of the shows on the Magnolia Network is they can inspire similar feelings in people. The network also will be bringing a reboot of “Fixer Upper,” which they ended in 2017.

“With every show that’s on the network, our hope is that when others finish watching it, that they say, what’s untapped in my life? What fear is keeping me from that?” Joanna Gaines explained this to Oprah Winfrey in a recent interview. “Whether it’s small or big, it’s that ‘hey, they inspired me to move forward with this.'”