Joanna Gaines’ New Preview of ‘Magnolia Table’ Has More Butter Than a Waffle House Breakfast

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images)

It doesn’t matter if you’re not currently hungry, Joanna Gaines’ preview of “Magnolia Table” Season 4 will have your mouth watering in seconds. The “Fixer Upper” star’s talents are apparently limitless with her amazing creations in the kitchen. The star makes it clear that the key to a good meal is butter. So cancel your diets. This is way too worth it.

In a new Instagram post, Gaines shares several amazing dishes using her key ingredient – butter. Each one looks completely delectable. Between the glazes and sauces, you’re gonna have to tune in to get an idea for all the fall favorites.

Gaines captioned the post, “No butter way to kick off the weekend… 🧈 Season 4 of Magnolia Table starts streaming today on the @magnolianetwork and @discoveryplus!”

Fans also responded with great excitement. One person said they couldn’t wait for the new season.

“Yeah! Can’t wait I will have to pace myself so I have something to look forward to!!!” the user Lannab1 said.

Another person shared:

“Joanna – My hero!! I’ve made several of your recipes and they are delicious!!! Latest was Mina’s lemon bars. Raves on how good they are and not too hard for this amateur. My favorite is Friendsgiving casserole! Yummy, yummy – 5 stars! Thank you for helping this home cook.”

Whatever the case, one thing is clear. You need to tune it to the new season to try the buttery deliciousness.

Joanna Gaines Never Expected Success They Have Now

While Chip and Joanna Gaines are household names, with several successful projects under their belt, the two never expected their level of success.

The couple earned fame through the HGTV show “Fixer Upper,” which garnered huge success and spurred country-chic projects everywhere.

However, it’s a level of success the two didn’t realize would follow.

“It’s funny; I mean, when I think about these circumstances, I think they’re hilarious. I’m like, ‘I can’t believe that these things are happening to us.’ I mean, who would care about that?” Chip Gaines said. The pair were also surprised that people would take such an interest in their personal lives – speculating on tabloid rumors of divorce.

Chip also added that their candid approach to the TV show led them to success. And because of this, both he and Joanna’s relationship strengthened.

“I think that’s one of the reasons that I love her like I do,” Chip said. “I mean, I feel like she knows me in a way that has caused me to stop acting. You know? I feel like I’ve really been an actor. I’ve been a character my whole life. I’ve always tried to prove something to someone.”