Joanna Gaines Shares Cute Photo of Her and Chip Celebrating Magnolia Network Launch

by Samantha Whidden

Former Fixer Upper co-host Joanna Gaines took to Instagram over the weekend to post an adorable snapshot of her and her husband Chip Gaines celebrating the launch of their Magnolia Network. 

“There’s no one I’d rather eat an entire platter of sliders with after a dream of a week launching @magnolianetwork,” Joanna Gaines pens in the post. “Thank you all for celebrating with us this week!”

Joanna Gaines also thanks the couple’s creative team for helping to get the Magnolia Network up and running. She then thanks the “storytellers” of the network.

“Thank you for trusting us to share your stories with the world. It is an absolutely honor.”

Joanna then goes on to add that she and Chip will be adding new episodes every week and new series every month. Fans can check everything out on the new Magnolia app or on Discovery+.

Joanna Discusses How She and Chip Created ‘Magnolia’

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly earlier this month, Joanna and Chip Gaines recalled when they discovered the word “magnolia.” The couple remembers during one of the first dates they were driving around Baylor University’s campus and saw a 150-year-old magnolia tree.

“Chip and I were driving by and it was blooming these gorgeous white fragrant blooms,” Joanna Gaines says. She then explains that Chip used to always tell her how he could climb and scale that tree. “He picked a bloom and it was like the first flower I ever got from him.”

While also discussing what drew them into creating their own network, Chip Gaines admits he and Joanna didn’t quite understand the gravity of it. “Everybody was pawing at us for more television. What kind of television can you be involved in and how many hours.”

Chip Gaines then says that Discovery CEO David Zazlev told him and Joanna that they are business people and he refers to his networks as businesses.

“He said if we coupled you with one of our businesses, we have the opportunity to do something great together.”

Joanna Gaines also says she misses time before the cameras and fame. “I miss when it was just me and Chip at the show and we’d have to be up at four in the morning,” she states. Gaines also says she loves being behind the counter and interacting with customers. 

“As Magnolia has grown, that’s not necessarily my reality anymore, but I miss that,” Joanna explains. She goes on to add that styling homes with no cameras, being up late at night, and having friends drop off snacks was considered such a “romantic kind of time” for her and Chip.