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Joe Burrow Is the Spitting Image of Dwayne Johnson in Hilarious Post

by Suzanne Halliburton
Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If you squint your eyes, maybe Joe Burrow and Dwayne Johnson really do look like the same person.

Johnson certainly believes his young self looks a lot like Joe Burrow, the toast of the NFL. Burrow is only in his second year in the NFL. But he led his Cincinnati Bengals to an upset of Kansas City to secure a berth in next month’s Super Bowl.

Before you officially nix the comparison, let’s go to the Rock’s Instagram account. That’s where he made the comparison to Joe Burrow. (And then he kind of talked himself out of it in a most funny way).

Johnson posted side-by-side photos. One was of the Rock, back when he was in his 20s. The other was of present-day Joe Burrow, who likes to wear large medallions and smoke victory cigars.

Johnson wrote: “Just two bad ass dudes with a strong drip game and big football dreams. One played at LSU.
The other played at THE U.

“One won a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP with the Tigers. The other one won a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP with the Canes. One’s Head Coach was Ed Orgeron at LSU. The other one’s Defensive Line Coach was Ed Orgeron at THE U.”

Then Johnson continued with the pro version of himself and Joe Burrow.

“One was selected first overall in the NFL Draft. The other one was never drafted, but has become an owner of the XFL. (It’s a spring football league with a 2023 kickoff).

“One is confidently going to the Super Bowl and preparing to cement his NFL LEGACY. While the other one unconfidently failed at his dream of playing in the NFL and went on to become only famous for rocking a fanny pack, fake jewelry and a (screwed) up haircut.”

Joe Burrow Wore Diamond-Encrusted Necklace to Sunday’s Presser

So, of course, Joe Burrow and Dwayne Johnson don’t look a thing like each other, although Burrow seems to favor the same haircare products as the Rock (from when he still had hair).

Burrow rocked the turtleneck and chunky necklace during Sunday’s post-game press conference. The diamond-studded necklace features his initials, his jersey number, and the Nike swoosh. A reporter asked him if the diamonds were real. Joe Burrow quipped:  “They’re definitely real … I make too much money to have fake ones.”

Talking about money, that’s another big difference between Johnson and Burrow. The Bengals quarterback signed a four-year $36 million contract last year after Cincy picked him No. 1 in the NFL draft. However, the Rock is worth significantly more, almost 10 times that amount at $320 million. While Johnson never did realize his ultimate football dreams, he’s one of the biggest movie stars on the planet.