Joe Exotic’s Father Dies, ‘Tiger King’ Star Hoping for Pardon Before Funeral

by Madison Miller

For those who kept up with “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem And Madness” during the first part of the COVID-19 lockdown, you know just how eccentric the group is.

Joe Exotic was the “Tiger King” who owned a large exotic animal park in Oklahoma. Now, he’s a person serving an extensive jail sentence.

He was sentenced to 22 years in prison for his murder-for-hire plot against his rival, Carole Baskins. He also has shot and killed five tigers and sold baby lemurs while falsifying paperwork to say they were donated.

Joe Exotic Seeks a Pardon

According to TMZ, Joe Exotic is now hoping for a pardon. His father died from COVID-19 and he wants a pardon that will allow him to attend the funeral. His father, Francis Schreibvogel, will have his funeral in Oklahoma in the coming week.

Allegedly, Joe Exotic has chartered a jet with a themed wrap featuring the Tiger King’s face on it. The jet will fly to D.C. where he will ask members of the White House to pardon him.

However, this may not have been the first time he has sought to be pardoned. In the past, his team has approached members of the White House about it. An article from Daily Mail said that he submitted a 257-page plea to Donald Trump in the hope of being freed.

Carole Baskin Reflects on ‘Tiger King’ Situation

For Carole Baskin, a controversial figure herself, her rival behind bars makes her feel much safer.

“I do think it’s poetic justice that he’s caged like the hundreds, if not thousands of animals, that he bred for life in cages. He shot five healthy tigers because they were an inconvenience to him, and I’m just as much in danger with him in jail. He can still fund a hit man from prison,” Baskin said, according to Daily Mail.

However, even with Joe Exotic behind bars, there is still a massive threat looming.

“Because of his constant threats to kill me, I have found myself seeing every bystander as a potential threat. There is nowhere that I have felt safe, and worse, no way that I feel I can safeguard those around me. So many of his threats involved blowing me up, so that he could thrill over seeing me burn to death,” Baskin said in a statement during the court hearings, according to CNN.

While Joe Exotic continues to desperately search for a way out, Baskin hopes he never gets out.