Joe Rogan Blasts ‘Dishonest’ Media Over Attempts to ‘Silence’ Him

by Michael Freeman

Joe Rogan is no stranger to controversy, especially lately amid the Spotify news and old videos of his resurfacing. However, he isn’t taking it lying down and recently blasted “dishonest” media over their attempts to “silence” him.

The New York Post reports Joe Rogan took aim at “dishonest” media, particularly calling out CNN and other legacy outlets a few days ago. According to him, they took an “editorial perspective” about his Spotify podcast to attempt to “silence me” and censor the show.

Regarding CNN, Rogan called out reporter Brian Stelter and primetime host Don Lemon by name. In his statement, he said, “Stop this editorial perspective with guys like Brian Steller and Don Lemon that nobody listens to.” Continuing, he stated “Nobody is, like, chiming in saying, ‘Oh yeah, finally we get the voice of reason.’ Nobody thinks that.”

Joe Rogan’s remarks come from his podcast on Thursday which included comedian Dave Smith. The two delved into the subject further, with Rogan saying no one trusts CNN because they aren’t “honest” anymore. “If you’re in business and your business is the news and you want to get more people to pay attention, you should be honest,” Rogan discussed.

Finally, he clarified his stance, saying he doesn’t hate CNN, but he isn’t a fan of how they are portraying things. “And my thoughts for CNN, my advice to them: I don’t hate CNN. I used to go to them every day for the news until they start f—-ng hatin’ on me. If you want to do better, just f—-ng change your model, change the way you do it.”

Joe Rogan States the Spotify Controversy is a ‘Political Hit Job’

Naturally, facing the vast amount of criticism he does, Joe Rogan has a lot to say on the issues surrounding him. Early last week, he similarly addressed it on his podcast, calling it a “political hit job.”

According to Variety, Rogan addressed both the Spotify events and videos resurfacing of him using the N-word last Tuesday. Calling the string of incidents a “political hit job,” he vented his frustration on Tuesday’s podcast. “That video had always been out there. It’s like, this is a political hit job,” Rogan said. “And so they’re taking all this stuff I’ve ever said that’s wrong and smushing it all together.”

Nevertheless, Rogan admits some good has come from the ordeal. The videos coming out made him reflect on things he said in the past. He then realized he was in the wrong. Specifically, he said the entire experience had been a “relief.” He then went on to say, “It’s good because it makes me address some sh-t that I really wish wasn’t out there.”