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Joe Rogan Calls Spotify Backlash a ‘Political Hit Job’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Louis Grasse/PxImages/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

It seems that the Joe Rogan and Spotify controversy is going to keep going on. Rogan addressed matters on his podcast.

At first, Neil Young started a backlash against Rogan and the audio platform. It was due to comments that the comedian had made regarding COVID-19 and vaccinations. So, the singer-songwriter pulled his music from the platform. Joni Mitchell and others have since done the same.

However, most recently, a video collage of Joe Rogan using the N-Word on his podcast started making the rounds. A supercut of instances that the podcast host had used the slur over the years. Due to that starting to trend, India Arie said she was going to remove her catalog from Spotify as well. Now, Rogan has opened up on his show about what he calls a “political hit job.”

“That video had always been out there. It’s like, this is a political hit job,” Rogan said. “And so they’re taking all this stuff I’ve ever said that’s wrong and smashing it all together.”

“It’s good because it makes me address some s**t that I really wish wasn’t out there,” the comedian continued. Rogan started the show talking with his guest, comedian Akaash Singh. “You just have to say offline. … Life goes on, as normal.”

It isn’t all bad for Joe Rogan though. He has hit 180 million subscribers and has a $100 million offer to join Rumble. The same price as his Spotify deal. So, things might seem rough right now, but as the comedian said “life goes on.” It will be very interesting to see if anyone else removes their content from Spotify in response to these updates.

Neil Young Sends Message to Spotify Employees Amid Joe Rogan Drama

The man who started it all, Neil Young, has doubled down and tripled down since originally taking his music off of the platform in response to Joe Rogan. He has received a ton of support in the days following his initial decision. And, he has made sure to keep the situation in the news.

“To the workers at Spotify, I say Daniel Ek is your problem – not Joe Rogan. Ek pulls the strings. Get out of the place before it eats up your soul. The goals stated by Ek are about numbers – not art, not creativity,” Young’s most recent statement said. Some very strong language for the folks over at Spotify and towards CEO Daniel Ek.

Since Young made his crusade against Joe Rogan and Spotify, there has been a lot of support and naysayers. His fellow former bandmates, Graham Nash and David Crosby are supporting Young. As I mentioned earlier, Joni Mitchell has joined, and fans have sent messages of support. While Rogan has seen an increase in subs, Young has more streams than ever before on other platforms.