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Joe Rogan on Elon Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck: ‘Like a Huge Leap Into the Future’

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Michael Schwartz/WireImage)

Elon Musk gave Joe Rogan a sneak peek at the newest version of the iconic and long-awaited Tesla Cybertruck. The latest model of the electric truck was sent to Tesla headquarters just last weekend. Since then, Elon Musk has been test driving the model around Austin, TX. Since Musk and Rogan are both currently living in Austin, it makes sense that the comedian would get a special preview of the cybertruck.

“The cybertruck is the coolest car I’ve ever seen in my life,” Rogan shared online. “Insanely attractive in real life, and feels like a huge leap into the future.” The popular podcast host didn’t share how deep his experience went. We don’t know if he got to actually drive the electric truck, or if he just rode in it. Either way, it would be something to remember. Rogan is a fan of Tesla cars – he currently drives a Tesla Model S.

Cybertruck Production Suffers Delays and Setbacks

The cybertruck has gone through a lot of setbacks, so Rogan being able to get an up-close look at it is extra special. Originally, the electric truck was supposed to launch in 2021. It would cost anywhere from $39,990 to $69,990, depending on packages and upgrades. As of right now, the electric truck has been pushed back until at least 2023. In addition to that, all pricing information for the cybertruck has been taken off of the Tesla website.

“There’s a lot of new technology in the Cybertruck that will take some time to work through,” Elon Musk said during a Tesla earnings call. “And then, there’s a question of like, what’s the average cost of Cybertruck and to what degree is that affordable? You know, there’s, you can make something infinitely desirable, but if it’s not affordable, that will constrain people’s ability to buy it because they don’t have the money.”

The truck was first announced in 2019. Obviously, since then, the truck has undergone some changes. Fox News reports that the current model of the cybertruck features conventional wheels, a large single-blade windshield wiper, and legal lighting. However, it does not have any physical door handles. Instead, Elon Musk says that the doors will open automatically. The tailgate is also missing handles. However, Musk has not said how that part of the truck will open.

Will Elon’s Electric Truck Flop Before It Even Gets a Chance?

Surprisingly, Elon Musk has had doubts about the cybertruck in the past. The usually confident Tesla owner is aware that the differences in the truck might make people less interested. Even so, he doesn’t care.

The tech entrepreneur often shares his thoughts on Twitter, including his opinion on the cybertruck. “To be frank, there is always some change that Cybertruck will flop,” he tweeted. “Because it is so unlike anything else. I don’t care. I love it so much even if others don’t. Other trucks look like copies of the same thing. But Cybertruck looks like it was made by aliens from the future.”