Joe Rogan: How Much Is His Net Worth?

by Maggie Schneider
(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

American comedian and actor Joe Rogan is undeniably one of the biggest names in entertainment today. From working as a commentator for the UFC, to his reportedly massive podcast deal with Spotify, Rogan earns a good chunk of change.

Joe Rogan’s Net Worth Is Around $120 Million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Joe Rogan is worth $120 million. However, he wasn’t just an overnight success. It took years of hard work for Rogan to get there. Making a name for himself in various parts of the entertainment industry, his path has taken some twists and turns.

Joseph James Rogan was born in Newark, New Jersey. His father was a police officer and they moved around a lot as a family. From San Francisco to Florida, the Rogans finally made their home in Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts. The comedian focused his energies in tae-kwon do and martial arts as a teenager. When he turned 24, he decided to move to New York to pursue a comedy career.

Rogan started hitting his stride in the acting and comedy worlds in 1994. Moving again to Los Angeles, he earned his first television credit on MTV’s “Half-Hour Comedy Hour.” The clip below shows a young Joe Rogan performing the stand-up routine he crafted during his time in New York.

After this, a string of acting and hosting roles fell into his lap. He plays Frank Valente in ’90s Fox sitcom Hardball. He also stars in the NBC sitcom News Radio, which is about a fictional news radio station.

In the 2000s, hosting became more of Rogan’s shtick. From the American version of Fear Factor, to SyFy’s Joe Rogan Questions Everything, his television work made him a household name.

When He Started Reeling in the Big Bucks


Bringing his love of martial arts and wrestling back into the forefront, Rogan became a commentator for the UFC. Pro-wrestling fans can catch him interviewing fighters backstage after tournaments. His background in tae-kwon do as well as other martial arts gives him special qualifications as a color-commentator.

  • He makes $50,000 per main UFC event, according to Way of Martial Arts.
  • In a year, he usually collects around $550K from calling UFC matches.
  • Only Bruce Buffer makes more than Rogan at around $1M per year.

‘The Joe Rogan Experience’

Today, Joe Rogan is most famously known for his Spotify podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. Most argue that this is where Rogan earns most of his money. According to sources, Spotify pays the podcast host $67 million per year for his content. In total, the streaming platform is paying him $200 million over three years. Since Rogan’s production costs are low, he likely gets to keep most of this cash to himself.

The rest of Joe Rogan’s net worth comes from YouTube revenue, hosting gigs, and sponsor reads. Keeping his career alive since the 1990s, it makes sense for his net worth to be at such a high level. It will be interesting to see if The Joe Rogan Experience continues to earn the same amount of attention and revenue in the coming years.

  • Rogan makes $100,000 per episode of his podcast, according to Wealthy Gorilla.
  • Spotify pays him $67 million per year, per their streaming deal.
  • The podcast typically reaches around 11 million listeners an episode.