Joe Rogan Issues Apology Over Resurfaced Controversial Clips

by Leanne Stahulak

Podcaster Joe Rogan has taken to Instagram for the second time this week to formally apologize for comments he made on previous shows.

Earlier this week, Rogan faced controversy over alleged COVID misinformation stated in previous podcast episodes. This caused musical artists like Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, India Arie, and others to pull their music from Spotify. The streaming platform houses “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast.

But when announcing her decision to remove her music, Arie shared that previous remarks from Joe Rogan concerning race also influenced her choice. She took to her Instagram Stories to share a video compilation of Rogan saying the N-word a number of times.

After the video aired, Joe Rogan posted an almost six-minute video to his own Instagram page. With the video, Rogan hopes to take accountability for his actions. He said the clips were taken out of context over the course of the 12 years that the podcast has aired.

“There’s been a lot of s*** from the old episodes of the podcast that I wish I hadn’t said or had said differently. This is my take on the worst of it,” Rogan captioned the post.

“I know that to most people there is no context where a white person is ever allowed to say that word. Never mind publicly on a podcast,” Joe Rogan began in his video. “And I agree with that now. I haven’t said it in years. But for a long time, when it would come up in conversation, instead of saying ‘the N-word,’ I would just say the word [itself].”

Rogan went on to detail specific instances when he used the N-word on his podcast. He referenced how comedians like Redd Foxx, Lenny Bruce, and Paul Mooney used the word in a bit. Or how Quentin Tarantino used it repeatedly in “Pulp Fiction” in 1994. But, he stated, “It’s not my word to use.”

Joe Rogan on Racial Remarks: ‘I Clearly Have F—-d Up’

Joe Rogan, in his video, emphasized that he never used the N-word on his podcast to specifically target Black people.

“I never used it to be racist, because I’m not racist,” Rogan said. “But whenever you’re in a situation where you have to say ‘I’m not racist,’ you f***** up. And I clearly have f***** up.”

He also went on to apologize for a different clip shared by India Arie. In this second clip, Rogan appears to be comparing people in an all-black neighborhood to the “Planet of the Apes” movie. Joe Rogan then says that even on the podcast episode, he immediately said that it was a racist thing to say. That episode has since been deleted from his show.

“I do hope that this can be a teachable moment for anybody that doesn’t realize how offensive that word can be coming out of a white person’s mouth,” Rogan concluded in his video. “In context or out of context. It makes me sick watching that video. But hopefully, at least some of you will accept this and understand where I’m coming from. My sincere, deepest apologies and much love.”