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Joe Rogan Ponders Florida Residents’ ‘Unusual Relationship’ With Alligators

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

The controversial podcaster, comedian, and host Joe Rogan has been pondering some things lately. Some big things. On Sunday morning, Joe Rogan took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the “unusual relationship” Florida residents “have with giant alligators.”

The popular podcaster wonders in his Insta post if the fact that these humongous animals are common across the state has something to do with what he calls Florida’s “chaotic characters.”

Controversial Podcaster Joe Rogan Ponders The Theory That Giant Alligators May Have Something To Do With Florida’s ‘Chaotic Characters’

“I have spent an exorbitant amount of time recently thinking about the unusual relationship people in Florida have with giant alligators,” Rogan writes in the March 27 Insta message. He also adds that the fact these gators are a common sight in the area. And, he says, this likely has a major impact on the mindset of the community members.

“I wonder if the fact that these f—ing things are all over the place actually contributes to the usually chaotic characters we see constantly in the news from that state,” the Joe Rogan Experience host continues.
“I don’t think it’s the only factor,” he adds. “But I think it’s got a significant impact.”

In the Instagram post, Joe Rogan shares a mind-blowing news clip featuring a 14 to 15-foot long alligator that has fascinated one Florida community in recent days. The massive gator has been dubbed “Godzilla” by some onlookers, and “the big humpback” by others. Additionally, the report notes, the monster Florida gator has been a regular in this Florida marsh area for decades.

Florida Residents Enthralled By Massive Gator Residing In Local Park

In the news clip, Florida residents share the excitement they feel after catching a glimpse of the monster Florida gator. And, many of them say they are more impressed by the shocking site than they are frightened. However, they were ready to “jump to their feet, if needed,” the report notes.

“We live nearby and we come out here,” one Floridian says in the news clip. “but we came out here today because of that.”

“I probably should have been a little more frightened than I was,” another onlooker says in the Insta clip. “I was just so inspired by seeing this amazing creature!”

And, these reactions are exactly what has left Joe Rogan pondering the fascination Florida has with the massive reptiles. Which live all across the state. Maybe, the podcaster says, sights such as these can change the way people think.

“When you get up to go to school and there’s a f—ing 14 foot long dinosaur in your driveway it changes the way you think about things,” Rogan says. “Especially if no one outside of Florida can relate.”