Joe Rogan Says Joe Biden Has ‘Aged a Thousand Years’ in Year One of Presidency

by Shelby Scott

Joe Rogan has been snagging headlines left and right since the controversy surrounding his podcast ignited weeks ago. Now though, the comedian is sharing some strong opinions about another topic entirely. As President Joe Biden and his administration navigate record inflation, a years-long health crisis, and economic issues as a result of the current Ukraine/Russian war, Joe Rogan says the U.S. commander in chief has “aged a thousand years” in a single year of presidency.

Rogan featured Yannis Papas on his Wednesday episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience.” According to Mediaite, the two comedians discussed the way U.S. presidents have aged during their administration. 

Rogan went so far as to say that Biden, currently 79 years old, “looks like a walking dead man.”

In comparison, he claimed former President Donald Trump, at 75, has aged the least of all the U.S. presidents.

“They would say all these horrible things about him,” Joe Rogan said, “and he would just f—king — just brush it off.”

Compared to Joe Biden, Joe Rogan said Trump “never aged a minute.”

Rogan continued to praise Trump, stating that currently, “he’s doing these campaign speeches and he’s funny. Like he says funny shit.”

Joe Rogan Threatens to Leave Spotify Amid COVID-19 Controversy

As a prominent commentator, actor, and comedian, Joe Rogan has remained forthwith in sharing his thoughts and opinions. The U.S. response to the COVID-19 pandemic has received criticism on both sides of the aisle. However, Rogan’s opinions on COVID-19 have received a lot of backlash on his popular podcast. Now, weeks after the controversy ignited, Rogan is threatening to leave Spotify if he has to “walk on eggshells.”

Rogan threatened to leave the music streaming service during an episode featuring MMA fighter Josh Barnett. Just like his thoughts on President Joe Biden, Rogan was not shy in announcing his future plans.

“If it gets to a point that I can’t do [‘The Joe Rogan Experience’] anymore, where I have to do it in some sort of weird way where I walk on eggshells and mind my p’s and q’s, f–k that!”

Recent months have seen the comedian come under fire for more than a few controversial opinions and statements. Altogether, he’s shared that he’s sick of people picking on him for “every little thing.”

Rogan’s Reaction to Will Smith’s Behavior at the Oscars:

COVID-19 and politics aren’t the only topics Joe Rogan is outspoken about. Following the Oscars and what the media has deemed the “slap heard around the world,” Joe Rogan shared his thoughts on Will Smith‘s assault of fellow comedian Chris Rock.

Smith’s management of the situation has been both praised and condemned in the time that has passed since the prestigious award show aired. However, Joe Rogan took a pretty strong stance on the subject stating the actor’s actions came as a “foolish impulse.”

On behalf of Chris Rock, Rogan said the comedian had been “doing his f—king job.”

Of Will Smith’s reaction, he said, “[Will Smith] was emotionally fragile and he acted on impulse in a staggeringly stupid way.”