Joe Rogan Took Down an Absolute Monster Elk on Utah Hunt

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Louis Grasse/PxImages/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

To start the weekend, Joe Rogan went out and did some intense hunting. He went out to Utah with Cam Hanes, one of the best in the game. Bowhunting is Hanes’ specialty and Rogan got to land a great-looking bull elk. It is never an easy day in the wilderness, and the hunting group put in some hard work.

Over on Instagram, the famous hunter threw up pics and videos from the hunt. There were lots of great photos and moments. Also, a lot of wise words from Hanes. In many ways, bowhunting is a much more intimate and definitely more traditional method of hunting. That shows in many of these photos.

Right now, it is rutting season. Meaning that bull elk are out looking for a mate and are becoming very protective of their territories. Many times, this season can escalate otherwise safe encounters with animals. Hikers on trails, hunters, and anyone living in elk territory have to keep vigilant to avoid serious injury, such as being charged.

This also means it is a great time of the year to hunt and find bull elk running around in the woods. They will be crying out in their attempts to find a suitable mate. Field dressing an animal of this size is absolutely intense as well. The pics of Joe Rogan and Hanes show that intensity. Filling the pack up to the brim with meat and then carrying the head and rack is not for the out-of-shape.

Joe Rogan’s Hunting Partner Shares Words of Wisdom

One of the best parts about seeing these posts was Rogan’s hunting partner Cam Hanes and his words regarding the hunt. He really brings it all down to Earth. This is no hoo-rah, let’s kill-to-kill type of man. He has a profound respect for the animals he hunts.

In the post featuring him and Rogan smiling side by side after harvesting the animal, Hanes shared his words of wisdom.

“Bowhunting can be a fickle mistress. The immense challenge is such that it can be soul-crushing one moment and soul-enriching the next. Today is was the latter as @joerogan found success in the Utah mountains…I feel honored to share this elk camp with so many good people and have to thank @wildcountryadventures for the opportunity,” the post read.

It sure looks like Joe Rogan and company were able to make the weekend worthwhile. Having a pack full of fresh meat and the pics to prove it has to be rewarding. Not to mention how good that elk is going to taste. Freezers will be filled and recipes will be cooked, that’s for sure.