Joe Rogan’s Spotify Contract: Yearly Salary, How Much He Makes Per Episode, and Everything to Know

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Joe Rogan is one of the biggest podcast superstars out there. Like The Ringer’s Bill Simmons, who also thrives under the Spotify umbrella in 2022, Joe Rogan was a huge investment by Spotify into the podcast game with his contract. However, Rogan worked for many years independently before signing his exclusive deal with Spotify. Folks know that Rogan got a huge deal from Spotify, but what are the specifics? How much does the UFC commentator-comedian make per episode or over the course of a full calendar year?

This is what so many folks are curious about when it comes to Joe Rogan. He has built a podcasting empire with millions of listeners every day.

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Spotify Contract for Joe Rogan Worth Over $200 Million

According to the New York Times, Rogan was paid over $200 million to go exclusive with Spotify. It was a big commitment from Spotify to Rogan and Rogan to Spotify. With how popular Apple Podcasts is as a podcast app, it was a big commitment for Rogan to only post his podcast on Spotify, even taking his full episodes off of YouTube.

Spotify made their big play for Rogan, according to the Times, because he is such a big-time name and draws that he gives them enough juice to really compete with other stream giants like Apple and Google. The exclusive rights run through 2023, reportedly.

Joe Rogan Makes More Than $75,000 Per Episode

If that $200 million is accurate, that has Rogan making over $75,000 per episode of his podcast. It should be noted that his podcast sits atop the charts in 93 different markets all over the world. Each episode averages reportedly 11 million listeners each episode. When you put that into context the per-episode figure does not jump off the page as much as it may have originally.

His Future With Spotify

It was reported that in 2020 when Rogan signed the deal with Spotify that his contract could run out sometime in 2023. After that, Rogan’s future with the streaming giant is unclear. Along with Rogan, Spotify has invested heavily in podcasting. As previously mentioned, Spotify purchased Bill Simmons’ The Ringer and Gimlet Media, as the platform committed to cementing itself as one of the top streaming giants.

With the controversy that surrounded Rogan in the last few months, though, it is uncertain what will happen with both Rogan and Spotify once the former’s contract ends with the latter. Still, even with the earlier controversy, The Joe Rogan Experience continues to be a major hit for listeners all across the world. His unique, laid-back style along with his big-time guests set him apart in the industry. Only time will tell what Rogan’s next major move will be and whether it will involve Spotify.