John Cena’s Doppelganger Turns Heads on Social Media

by Michael Freeman

WWE superstar and The Suicide Squad actor John Cena may have found a body double. Cena took to Instagram this week and posted a photo of a man who looks strikingly like him.

Brendan Cobbina, Cena’s near-clone, is a trainer and bodybuilder. Fully embracing the resemblance, Cobbina’s own Twitter bio notes he is the ‘Black John Cena.’

Cena’s Instagram followers are having fun with the photo as well. In addition to the post accruing over one million likes, followers claim they should be in a movie as brothers. Some even suggest the two are the same person.

Cobbina owns OmegaMuscles, a personal coaching and fitness company offering online and face-to-face training sessions.

“I’m passionate about what I do. I eat, drink and breathe bodybuilding and fitness. Not only do I have 5+ years of practical experience, I have a significant amount of experience in training other people with their body/fitness goals. Whether that be through my online training programs or in-person face-to-face coaching.”

Cobbina’s passion is palpable and his recently discovered resemblance to Cena may help his business.

John Cena On Playing Peacemaker

John Cena hasn’t limited his silliness to Instagram, often sporting his Peacemaker attire in recent public appearances. When asked why, he said, “We have a wonderfully beautiful, absurd movie that nobody is ready to see but everybody needs in their life.”

Cena seems to have found his stride with this character after many of his movies in the 2000s flopped. Citing The Marine and 12 Rounds, he said he struggled with slow-moving sets as opposed to the fast-paced WWE.

“I used to chastise people for not working as efficiently as the WWE. And as a young man, I failed big. I was judgmental and I was apprehensive and I wanted to be back in the ring because I loved that immediate gratification.”

However, roles allowing Cena to be “weird” made him a better actor and awakened an appreciation for movies. James Gunn thinks the same, saying John has integrity and he adores him.

Taking this newfound knowledge into consideration, Cena recently airs this wisdom to social media, often posting self-help tips.

Heckling fans and insults apparently helped shape Cena’s new outlook.

“There are two ways you can go when you’re told you suck every day. You can wallow in that shame and believe that opinion, or you can look yourself in the mirror and realize you are enough. That (self-love) allows me to do things that are a little bit obscure in some sense, most of the time wearing very little clothing.”

Whether it’s finding a doppelganger or strutting in his Peacemaker outfit, Cena seems to be in a good place right now.