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John Cusack Slams DNC Night 4 in New Tweets

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Gary Gershoff / Stringer / Getty Images)

While many in Hollywood voiced their support for this week’s Democratic National Convention, actor John Cusack didn’t think nearly as highly of the event as others. The 54-year-old “Say Anything” star took to Twitter on Thursday night to release a series of tweets blasting the virtual gathering.

Cusack, an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump, voiced his irritation at the DNC for featuring a number of celebrities over the 4-day event. He likened this week’s DNC proceedings to a circus.

The actor tweeted: “Do ya think anyone at dnc entertained the idea – in removing a s—tty reality tv star President – Ya might want to avoid presenting a slightly less s—ty -but unmistakable Campy kitsch and yes s—tty celebrity filled reality tv convention – This might not be a good idea ?”

In a follow-up tweet, Cusack expressed his doubtful outlook for the future of the country. “It’s all showbiz – all the time. RIP America,” he tweeted.

John Cusack Throws More Shots on Twitter at Michael Bloomberg

The criticisms didn’t stop there. Cusack also took a jab at former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, who spoke on Thursday. The actor called Bloomberg the “high priest of neoliberalism” on Twitter.

In conclusion, Cusack shared that while he didn’t necessarily love the convention. However, he still considers Democratic nominee Joe Biden the better candidate.

“Let’s all enjoy the thought of Biden winning and as a nation fighting back trump facism & 1 st day in office make them deliver new deal for us – their coroprste (sic) lobbiests think they be in control – but history has a way of making itself happen-.”

After sharing the tweets, thousands of Twitter users responded to Cusack. The “High Fidelity” lead man’s message garnered a mixed response from many on social media.

“Could you just not,” one user writes. “For just a minute could you drop the cynicism & remember it’s literally the 1st virtual convention & a bit more produced/’show biz’ than usual. There have ALWAYS been actors, musicians. Compare it to the RNC next week & see if you feel the same.”

Another user weighed in writing: “Yes, we know it’s all showbiz. But at least we can feel hopeful hearing someone who resembles a compassionate person. I’ve felt more hope in the last few days than I have felt in years, especially the last few months.”

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