John F. Kennedy’s Student Mistress Breaks Silence After More Than Six Decades

by Joe Rutland

A female college student who had a four-year affair with President John F. Kennedy more than six decades ago is now going public about it.

Diana de Vegh, 83, of New York City recalled in a story to Air Mail News about meeting Kennedy. De Vegh was attending Radcliffe College and showed up at a campaign event for then-U.S. Sen. John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts.

“Give me your seat, so a tired old man can sit next to a pretty girl,” Kennedy said according to de Vegh. That started their frequent get-togethers over a four-year span.

De Vegh said, “I didn’t realize then that I’d simply been netted, separated from the other students. I was 20 years old, with a full supply of hormones and madly in love with this compelling man.” These memories were among others she remembered about being one of John F. Kennedy’s mistresses.

Diana de Vegh Remembered Being Picked Up By John F. Kennedy Staffer

Now de Vegh also remembered that she would be picked up by a member of Kennedy’s staff and driven to a couple of places. She would either go to an apartment Kennedy kept in Boston, or the Carlyle Hotel in N York City.

“It was easy and emotionally convenient,” de Vegh said about the often-regular routine that led her to rendevous with John F. Kennedy. “because Mrs. [Jacqueline] Kennedy did not participate at this level of suburban campaigning.”

Things, though, began to change for her in 1962. Kennedy found out that her father was a Hungarian economist he started talking with on political issues. JFK asked de Vegh to visit his home to tell him if this was her father.

Kennedy Found Out That Her Father Was Speaking With Him

“He had nothing against me, but he realized it could really be a problem because a lot of people knew my dad, but he couldn’t just drop me, so we had to kind of dwindle,” de Vegh said. “I didn’t realize quite what was going on, but then things shifted radically.”

Pretty soon, the two met less and less. Finally, in 1962, their affair ended with de Vegh flying off to Paris. She was living there when, one year later, John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. The brother of Kennedy, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, also was assassinated in 1968.

“I just went completely numb,” de Vegh said. “I was having dinner in a bistro in my neighborhood and it came on the news and I thought this can’t be true.”

Reportedly, others that were one of John F. Kennedy’s mistresses talked about their affairs. She went on to have a career as a social worker, ultimately becoming a psychologist living today in New York City.