John Fogerty Joins TikTok to Play ‘Fortunate Son’ With Granddaughter, Uses Biden Hashtag

by Josh Lanier

John Fogerty is following up on his recent denunciation of President Donald Trump with an endorsement of Joe Biden and a history lesson.

The rock legend and former frontman of Credence Clearwater Revival released a TikTok video Thursday where he performs his hit song “Fortunate Son.” The video, which includes #Biden2020 in the caption, opens with his granddaughter giving a “history lesson” about the song’s origins and meaning.

The song, she said, is about how people like her grandfather were required to serve in the military during the Vietnam War. A war they may have disagreed with. All the while, people of privilege were able to effectively buy their way out of the draft. Fogerty has said he believes Trump is one of those “fortunate sons.”

Fogerty served two years in the Army Reserves during the war. Trump received five deferments for the draft. Four times for college and the final one after a doctor diagnosed him with bone spurs in his feet.

John Fogerty thinks the song’s message could apply to today. He pointed out the opening lyrics. “Some folks are born made to wave the flag, ooh their red, white and blue. But when the band plays ‘Hail to the Chief,’ they point the cannon at you.”

That’s “exactly what happened” in Lafayette Square near the White House in June, he said. Federal officers used force to disband protesters ahead of Trump’s visit to a nearby church for a photo op.

“It’s a song I could have written now. And so I find it confusing, I would say, that the president has chosen to use my song for his political rallies. When, in fact, it seems like he is probably the fortunate son,” Fogerty said.

John Fogerty Video Responding to Trump

John Fogerty and Donald Trump are in a battle over the use of wildly popular 1960s hit song.

Trump has used “Fortunate Son” at rallies a number of times to Fogerty’s annoyance. The rocker issued a “cease and desist” letter to the president recently, demanding Trump stop using the song.

“I object to the President using my song, ‘Fortunate Son’ in any way for his campaign,” the letter reads. “He is using my words and my voice to portray a message that I do not endorse.”

“Therefore, I am issuing a ‘cease and desist’ order. I wrote this song because, as a veteran, I was disgusted that some people were allowed to be excluded from serving our country because they had access to political and financial privilege. I also wrote about wealthy people not paying their fair share of taxes. Mr. Trump is a prime example of both of these issues. The fact that Mr. Trump also fans the flames of hatred, racism and fear while rewriting recent history, is even more reason to be troubled by his use of my song.”

Trump followed the musician’s denunciation by retweeting a video on Wednesday that features him entering a re-election rally to the song, The Hill reported.

Fogerty joins a very long list of musicians and their estates who have asked Trump to stop using their music.