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John Madden Honored at Super Bowl LVI After His Death: ‘A True American Treasure’

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Kirby Lee/Getty Images)

NFL legend John Madden got a proper tribute today before the kickoff of Super Bowl LVI. The late broadcaster died on December 28, at the age of 85.

A compilation of footage played across the monitors as the game announcer read out a heartfelt tribute. “On the biggest day in football, we remember one of the most towering figures the NFL has ever known: coaching legend, broadcasting icon, gaming pioneer John Madden,” the Super Bowl announcer said.

In addition to that, the monitors at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, CA, showed his name and pictures of the NFL icon. The game announcer went on to say that Madden is “forever synonymous with everything great about this game and a true American treasure.”

John Madden’s sons were present for the tribute. Michael and Joseph both took the field with their families during the homage.

NFL Mourns the Loss of John Madden

John Madden has been an important part of the NFL for a good 50 years. He originally started as a player in 1958 and ended his career in 2009 as a broadcaster for the sport. After his death in December, the NFL released a statement mourning the loss.

“Nobody loved football more than Coach,” the statement said. “He was football. He was an incredible sounding board to me and so many others.” The NFL added, “There will never be another John Madden, and we will forever be indebted to him for all he did to make football and the NFL what it is today.”

The official NFL statement wasn’t the only one made after the football icon’s death. Players and coaches throughout the football world had their own touching tributes for John Madden. People reports that on the first Sunday after his death, a moment of silence was held at football stadiums across the country.

He’s Missed In Every Aspect of the Game

John Madden has been sorely missed by other announcers and broadcasters, too. Both FOX and CBS had their own honorary moments for the late broadcaster. They held on-air tributes. These included compilations of his best moments and lines as a broadcaster.

During FOX’s broadcast, announcer Kenny Albert said, “All around the league, we mourn the loss of the iconic John Madden: coach, broadcaster and so much more whose legacy will live forever.”

CBS’ tribute to the football star was emotional. It started off with a bittersweet soundbite of the former coach. During his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, John Madden spoke about immortality. “Some of us think maybe we will be immortal, that we’ll live forever,” he said. “But when you really think about it, we’re not going to be.”

“I’ve never worked a day in my life,” he added. “I went from player to coach to a broadcaster and I am the luckiest guy in the world. This has been the sweetest ride of them all.”