John Stamos Shares Photos from the Hospital After Undergoing Surgery

by Samantha Whidden

On Thursday (August 26th), Full House star John Stamos took to his social media accounts to share a snapshot of him at the hospital after undergoing surgery on his trigger finger.

“Damn you #Triggerfinger ! Easypeasey #AllgoodHomeHappy,” John Stamos shares in the post, which features him posing from a hospital bed with a black mask on.

According to WebMD, Trigger Finger is the common name for stenosing tenosynovitis. The condition happens when something inflames a band of tissue, called a Pulley. This tissue holds the tendon of the finger bone. Those who have trigger finger may experience a small bump that catches when you use the finger. You will also experience pain even when you’re not using your hand. 

John Stamos Shares Details About His Role in Disney’s ‘Big Shot’ 

While recently chatting with Men’s Health, John Stamos shared some details about his role as Coach Marvin Korn in Disney’s Big Shot. “I watched a lot of Bobby Knight stuff,” Stamos stated. “I thought he was really a colorful character.”

Stamos also shared that he looked at Pay Riley for the look and he spent time with former professional basketball player, Jerry West.

“He was a real kind of man. He took me to hang out with the guys, and straightened me out. I called it “rehearsal,’ and he said, ‘No, son. It’s practice.’ I asked a lot of dumb questions that day.”

Upon watching the trailer, West told Stamos that he found him to be like the coaches he has his in his life. “[He said], ‘I’m certainly not an actor, but you’ve done a great job capturing the image that many coaches try to convert to young people.’” 

Stamos Reveals What Helps Him De-stress 

Also during his interview with Men’s Health, John Stamos revealed what really helps him when he’s feeling extra stressed out. “Certainly music. I use music. I meditate.”

Stamos then recalled when he joined The Beach Boys, the bandmates would all mediate. They also made him take a Transcendental Meditation course. “I don’t do it enough, but that always helps.” 

Family also helps Stamos de-stress. Especially his son. The actor describes his son as the brightest, most beautiful star in his life. Stamos does open up about the issues that the world has been dealing with over the last year. “We’re gonna get through this. There were times when we thought we’re not. What has happened to the world?” 

The actor then says that he has been in a place where he needed to straight up and get his act together. “To get healthy, certainly, and you would do that because the world was still going.”