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John Travolta and Tommy Lee Are Baking Pals, Share Recipes

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/[Getty Images for ABA] )

If you made me bet money on who John Travolta was baking pals with, I would not have placed my money on rock drummer Tommy Lee. Over the years both the actor and the musician have been heartthrobs, and apparently have some serious skills in the oven.

Wednesday, the actor and drummer shared their hidden talents to the world. Lee posted a quick video on his TikTok page that featured texts from the Grease actor. The 67-year-old had texted Lee, “Tommy, can you send me that peanut butter [chocolate] chip cookie recipe you have?”

While this somehow sounds like code for something, it is very much literal. Travolta and Lee are all about the sweet science of baking. For those that think the art of baking isn’t for everyone, these two are trying to prove those stereotypes wrong. Of course, Lee responded and gladly shared his recipe. “Your welcies!!!” the artist joked.

When Travolta showed off the dough sitting in his baking tins, the actor shot a quick message over to Lee. “You didn’t know I was Johnny Crocker,” he said over text. This exchange is just too much for us to handle. Travolta continued, “You would’ve thought that two superstars would spend their Wednesday nights baking brownies and cookies? [While drinking] fresh lemonade!” Sounds like a fine time to me.

Imagining Tommy Lee with all his tattoos, jewelry, and his hair in an apron baking up a hot sheet of cookies is just a perfect image. For those Gen-X folks, Motley Crue is a big deal and after all the shenanigans they have done over the years, innocent baking just doesn’t fit the profile. However, we at Outsider appreciate this kinder side to Lee and John Travolta.

John Travolta, Tommy Lee Grew Close in Last Year

Over the years, John Travolta and Tommy Lee have crossed paths. Of course, they have! They are just over a decade apart in age and both had serious celebrity status around the same time. However, in the last year or so it seems the two have really grown close.

It was back in October 2020 when Lee revealed that he had been speaking with Travolta. The actor had just lost his wife, Kelly Preston to breast cancer. When he spoke to the actor, Lee said that “He’s doing really well.” It appears the two are now very close friends. Looking out for one another in the form of delicious baked goods.

“He has a great team of people around him,” Lee said about John Travolta. “His kids are doing wonderful. He’s doing everything to make them comfortable and I think, just personally knowing that it’s been happening or coming up. I’m sure it doesn’t ease the pain at all of … having something slowly come that you can kind of start to prepare for. … He’s probably the sweetest man I think I’ve ever met, honestly.”

Kind words from one baking friend to another. Truly heartwarming.