John Travolta Posts Video Flying Plane Overseas to Go See Son & Daughter Starring in New Movie

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Sarah Morris/Getty Images)

Actor John Travolta took a little plane trip overseas to see his son and daughter work in an upcoming movie.

In a short clip, elegant, ballroom-like music plays in the background as a pilot, Travolta starts the early morning trip. He sips coffee as he flies the plane, and seconds later, he appears on his 21-year-old daughter’s film set. 

John Travolta flew to Budapest to see his children as they worked in “Get Lost,” a re-telling of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland.”

Other parts of the clip have Travolta hugging his daughter, showing his son in costume, a drive by the Budapest Ferris wheel, and Travolta wearing headphones to watch a film scene.

Travolta’s quick vacation is part of his desire to take a break from acting after his late wife’s death in 2020. Kelly Preston died of breast cancer.

John Travolta’s Daughter in Modern Fairy Tale Adaption

The film stars James Cromwell, Jane Merrow, and Ella Bleu Travolta. John Travolta’s 11-year-old son, Ben, also has a small uncredited role in the movie.

According to IMDB, Greek director/writer Daniela Amavia steers the movie about Alice (Ella Bleu Travolta). Alice backpacks through Europe to fulfill her mom’s dying wish. Coming across a strange girl, Alice goes on a wild overnight adventure.

In March, Screenrant said the film was in its early stages. The website said the film could get a streaming service release instead of the theater release, but additional information remains unknown.

Travolta Staying Busy

Lately, John Travolta has kept busy with trips down memory lane, doggie photos, and TV talk show interviews as part of a break from acting. Travolta has worked in entertainment since 1972.

Travolta posted an old Breitling ad photo last week from 2010. By that point, he had been in six other ad campaigns for the Swiss watchmaker. 

Recently, Travolta talked with actor/host Kevin Hart about the relationship with his young son. The actor told Hart that he understood death better in talking with Benjamin about the family’s recent deaths. In addition to his wife’s recent death, Jett Travolta died in 2009.

In a fun moment, Ben asked his dad if he remembered his first 30 years of life. The actor said yes and related he had another 30 more years to go.

Ben Travolta responded, “What’s wrong with that?”

Ultimately, John Travolta tried to comfort his son, saying: “You just do your best at trying to live the longest you can.”

In another Instagram post, Travolta posts a photo from his late wife’s last project, “Off The Rails.” He related that she was proud of the comedy-drama film which started Judy Dench.

He also mentioned that it was coming out in the United Kingdom and Ireland in late July.