John Travolta Shares Rare Photo of Daughter Ella at Her Performance: ‘Very Proud Dad’

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Sarah Morris/Getty Images

John Travolta is a very proud dad.

He’s watching his daughter, Ella Bleu, grow into a lovely, talented young woman. And she’s also taking up the career of both her mother and father. Ella’s mom is Kelly Preston, who died last year of breast cancer.

Travolta shared a snap of Ella on his Instagram, this week, so he could show off his daughter working on her new project. Ella is dressed in a blue dress decorated with a blue bow.

John Travolta captioned the photo: “Here’s my daughter Ella starring in a live-action re-imagining of Alice in Wonderland! Called, ‘Get Lost,’ I’m a very proud dad!”

We can see why John Travolta is so proud.

John Travolta Was About Same Age as Ella When He Got Big Acting Break

Ella is playing Alice in a movie that started production this week. She’s on location in Hungary to film the movie. She posted a message to her fans on social media earlier this week. She wrote: “I am so honored and happy to begin this adventure on such a wonderful project with such an amazing cast and crew. Stay tuned.”

The movie really does reimagine new adventures for Alice. She backpacks with her boyfriend around Europe. Then Alice meets William, aka the Mad Hatter, who actually is a London aristocrat. Budapest turns into Wonderland for their mind-blowing adventure. The movie takes a page out of Ella’s real life. In the movie, Alice also is trying to get over the recent death of her mother. Alice’s mother wanted her to travel Europe.

Count rocker Sammy Hagar as a fan of Ella’s. He’s also friends with John Travolta. He posted on Travolta’s Instagram: “I can’t wait. Ella was the sweetest, at the Cabo Wabo a few months back. Naturally beautiful, relaxed, elegant and I know she’s a superstar like your dad.”

Ella turned 21 in April. John Travolta was about that age when he appeared in his first big movie role. He played a bully in Carrie. And if you watched the movie, you know Carrie got her revenge on those people who made her life difficult. Also, at about that age, Travolta earned the role of Vinnie Barbarino in Welcome Back Kotter. Kelly Preston also enjoyed some breakthrough roles at Ella’s age. So maybe Ella is following in her parents’ footsteps at just the right time.

Last week, John Travolta celebrated the memory of his wife. Her final movie was Off the Rails. It was released in theaters in Great Britain last week.

“She was very proud of it,” John Travolta wrote about his wife’s movie. “And of all of the wonderful talent that she got to work with in it.”