John Travolta’s Daughter Reveals New Hairdo, Hasn’t Sported This Style in 10 Years

by Keeli Parkey

John Travolta’s daughter is showing off her new hairstyle. And, she should! It’s an adorable new look for the 21-year-old actress.

Ella Bleu Travolta previously sported long hair without bangs. But, she recently decided to make a change.

The young actress showed off her new style via her Instagram account over the weekend. She shared two photos of herself with the post. One is of her new hairstyle, which includes bangs. The other photo is of her as a child with bangs.

“I haven’t had bangs since I was about 9… so here we go again I guess! At least for a little while,” Ella Bleu posted along with the photos.

You can check out Ella Bleu Travolta’s new hairstyle below. The photos also show a young woman who looks like both of her famous parents – John Travolta and the late Kelly Preston.

The young Travolta’s Instagram followers shared their love for Ella Bleu’s new hairstyle over the weekend as well.

“Love it you look so much like your mom,” one fan posted. However, another fan thought she looked more like her other famous parent: “So cute…you look so much like your Dad…” this fan shared on Instagram.

“Aw you’re such a beautiful mix of your parents,” another said. Another fan agreed with this view of Ella Bleu and posted: “Perfect mix of both your mom & dad…beautiful & talented.”

John Travolta Supporting Daughter Ella Bleu as Her Career Begins to Take Off

According to, fans of Ella Bleu will soon get to see more of her. She will play Alicia/Alice in the film “Get Lost.” This movie is an updated interpretation of the popular “Alice In Wonderland” story created by author Lewis Carroll.

No doubt she will make her famous father proud with her work in the film. And, it’s safe to say her late mother would have been very happy for her.

John Travolta’s wife and Ella Bleu’s mother, Kelly Preston, passed away in July 2020. She was only 57 at the time. The cause of her death was breast cancer, which she had been fighting for two years.

With Preston’s passing, John Travolta obviously continues to be a loving father to Ella Bleu and his son, Benjamin Travolta. Sadly, the loss of Preston isn’t the only tragic death in John Travolta’s life. Their son, Jett, passed away in 2009 at the very young age of 16, according to

Ella Bleu just turned 21 years old on April 3, 2021. On that day, her proud father took to Instagram to share a message of love with her. “Happy 21st birthday to the most beautiful, kind, human being and artist I know. Your dad adores you!” John Travolta posted. Here it is: