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John Wayne State Drops Epic Pic of the Duke in One of His Most Iconic War Movies

by Katie Maloney
'The Green Berets' or 'Les berets verts' 1968 directed by John Wayne and Ray Kellogg. (Photo by Sunset Boulevard/Getty Images)

When you think of classic war movies, do you think of John Wayne?

You definitely should. The Duke starred in one of the most iconic war films in 1968, “The Green Berets.” During the movie, Wayne plays Colonel Mike Kirby. Kirby is tasked with organizing two teams of Green Berets for a mission in South Vietnam. The first mission involves building and controlling a camp that the enemy is trying to take over. The second mission includes kidnapping a North Vietnamese General. Fans still celebrate the film for its realistic depictions of war.

The John Wayne Estate recently shared a photo of the Duke in”The Green Berets.” The photo features Wayne in full uniform for his role as Colonel Mike Kirby. Along with the photo the estate shared a quote from the movie, “‘Out here, due process is a bullet!’ – Col Mike Kirby”

What Makes John Wayne’s Work in ‘The Green Berets’ Unique?

We all know John Wayne was an iconic Hollywood star. But many people don’t know that the Duke was also a movie director. After decades of acting, Wayne started directing movies in the 1960s. He found his directorial debut with the 1960 film, “The Alamo.” Not only did Wayne direct the film but he also starred in it as Davy Crockett. Wayne must not have caught the directing bug because he didn’t direct another film for eight years. It wasn’t until he landed his role in the 1968 movie, “The Green Berets,” that Wayne tried his hand at directing again.

Regardless of whether or not he enjoyed the duties, John Wayne certainly knew how to direct (and star in) some incredible movies.

Did You Notice This Detail in the Movie?

If you’re a John Wayne fan, you probably have several of his famous lines memorized. You may even remember many of the costumes he wore for his films. But did you ever notice the brass bracelet Wayne wore in “The Green Berets”? The Duke also wore the bracelet in every movie he acted in after “The Green Berets.” He even wore it to accept his first Oscar for Best Actor in ‘True Grit’ in 1970. So, what’s the significance of the bracelet?

While filming “The Green Berets,” John Wayne became acquainted with the Montagnard people of Vietnam’s Central Highlands. The group is also referred to as the Degar. The group is well known for its fierce fight against communism – a movement John Wayne also stood behind. So, the group invited Wayne in as an honorary member of their community. Additionally, they gifted him with a brass bracelet. The Duke wore the bracelet for the rest of his life.