John Wayne ‘Duke Days of May’: Here’s the Weekend Lineup of the Cowboy Icon’s Classic Westerns

by Clayton Edwards

Clear your calendars for the weekend, John Wayne fans. INSP is kicking off their Duke Days of May with some of the Duke’s classic westerns. If you haven’t seen them or haven’t seen them in a while, you don’t want to miss what INSP has in store.

Now, if you’re wondering what this Duke Days of May business is, don’t worry. We’ll catch up on what it is before we dig into which of the Duke’s classic movies are playing this weekend. The Duke Days of May is a month-long celebration of the legend himself, John Wayne. INSP TV is broadcasting three of the Duke’s films every weekend during the month of May. That all starts tonight at 9 pm CT.

Every weekend in May and the last weekend of April, INSP TV is airing three of John Wayne’s best movies. A new film airs on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. Each of the films starts at the same time. So, it’s easy to plan your TV schedule around the films. Not all of them are westerns. Some of the non-western offerings include Sands of Iwo Jima and The Fighting Seabees. This weekend, though, is packed with classic cowboy goodness.

Duke Days of May Kicks off with John Wayne’s Classic Westerns

INSP TV showed that they know how to kick off a celebration of John Wayne with their opening lineup. This week’s lineup starts tonight at 8/9c with Duke’s first big film Stagecoach (1939). It wasn’t his first role by a long shot. However, it was the one that brought him widespread fame. So, if you’re going to kick off a celebration of his work in cinema, this is the perfect place to start.

Tomorrow night, INSP TV is jumping ahead in time a few decades. Saturday night’s movie is the 1971 western classic Big Jake. Not only is John Wayne in this one as the titular character but two of his sons are also in the film. His son Patrick Wayne plays the role of James McCandles and Wayne’s youngest boy, Ethan, plays Little Jake. It’s a real family affair. You’re not going to want to miss this one.

The first week of Duke Days of May closes with what is arguably one of John Wayne’s best films. El Dorado (1966) sees the Duke teaming up with Robert Mitchum and the legendary directorial talents of Howard Hawks. The film also features heavy use of the Edgar Allen Poe ballad poem Eldorado. With that combination, you know you’re in for a good time.

If you’re not already tuned in to INSP TV, head over to their website to see how and where you can get their programming.

Check out this promo image posted on their Instagram account to see what’s in store for John Wayne fans for the next few weekends.