John Wayne ‘Duke Days of May’: Here’s This Weekend’s Lineup of His Classic Films

by Katie Maloney

Saddle up, pilgrims! It’s that time of year again. The week John Wayne fans wait for all year. It’s Duke Days of May on INSP. Every weekend day all month long, INSP is airing your favorite movies starring The Duke. And we’ve got this weekend’s lineup for you. So, grab your cowboy hats and get ready for this weekend because The Duke is galloping onto your TV screens.

This Weekend’s Movie Line-Up


Tune in on Friday, May 21st at 8PM ET to catch John Wayne as Rancher McLintock. During the movie, George Washington McLintock or “GW” as he’s known to both friends and enemies, struggles with aging, government corruption, wild west attacks, and his ex-wife. This movie is a little different from Wayne’s other gritty westerns. “McLintock!” is infused with humor, making it western comedy gold.
John Wayne in “McLintock!”

‘The Fighting Seabees’

John Wayne stars as Wedge Donovan, the owner of a well-known construction company that does construction work for the U.S. Navy. Although the story is fictional, the movie portrays the Fighting Seabees (Construction Battalions/C.B.’s = Seabees), a real-life group responsible for building runways, roads, refueling stations, and bridges that the troops needed during World War II. You can even watch Wayne dance during the movie…well, that is until he falls down. You can’t be great at everything, Duke! Tune in to watch “The Fighting Seabees” on Saturday, May 22nd at 8PM ET.
John Wayne in “The Fighting Seabees”

‘The Undefeated’

John Wayne and Rock Hudson star in “The Undefeated” as two Colonels—one from the Union and one from the Confederacy—who must work together despite their differences as they travel towards Mexico. Watch The Duke battle the wild west on Sunday, May 23rd at 8PM ET.
John Wayne and Rock Hudson star in “The Undefeated”

John Wayne Fans Can Even Win A Duke-Inspired Grand Prize While Watching

Every weekend day during Duke Days of May, INSP is giving away prizes to viewers. The channel will provide codes during commercial breaks. And fans can enter that code on the INSP website for chances to win daily prizes including $100 gift cards to the John Wayne store. Additionally, each entry lands fans an entry for the grand prize.

The grand prize includes a trip for two to the John Wayne: An American Experience exhibit in Fort Worth, Texas, plus, some spending money. If The Duke wasn’t enough to pull you into this weekend’s movie marathon, these prizes certainly will!